Guild Boss Agulis

Guild Boss Agulis in Awaken Chaos Era is the part of guild boss fight activity, it is a special guild boss. To fight this boss you need to join the guild. When you join the guild, go to the Guild menu icon on the main screen and tap on Battle button. You will see there an active Agulis bar.

Also you can see Agulis icon bar in Events menu (it was active on Christmas Winter Festival). So here you can get as a reward Gear charms, EXP Jelly and Fest items to upgrade Heroes and exchange.


Agulis boss’es skills. There are two forms – Mad Dragon and Burning Dragon.

Skill nameFormEffect
FuryMad, BurningApplies Infuration per bar of Health lost. Unlimited stacks. The fewer the number of enemies, the higher the damage.
InfurationMad+100% Damage, +20% Resistance. Unlimited stacks and removable.
InfurationBurning+100% Damage, +100% Burn Damage. Unlimited stacks and removable.
Dragonic AuraMad, BurningDeals damage to all enemies and applies Ignite for 2 turns.
Lava LashMad, BurningDeals damage to all enemies, with a 20% chance to apply Stun for 1 turn.
AnnihilationMadDeals significant damage to all enemies. Damage scales with the number of Infuration stacks.
AnnihilationBurningDeals massive damage to all enemies and applies Ignite for 2 turns. Damage scales with the number of Infuration stacks.
Hero Returns (Buff)Mad, BurningImmune to the Unhealable effect and immortal.


The main thing here is to deal as much damage as possible before you’ve died. This Agulis boss could be regular and Fire one. First of all, you may check possible fighting teams in Agulis menu on the right of the screen. It should help you to choose from your heroes pack. Now, if we talk about strategy, there is some tricks for f2p and p2p players.

In general, you will be making two team formations, because this boss fight contains of two scenes. The first fight is Mad Dragon, the second is Burning Agulis. Each formation contains of 4 heroes and 2 spells. The thing you need to know, the dragon is immortal for real. You need to deal max of the damage you can during the battle. And for SSS rank it is enough to hit 300,000 points. If you do more, it is just for your comfort and table placing. And there is a limit for 50 rounds in fight.

For the spells use Gaia’s Renewal, Sundering Purgatory and Shield of Mercy and Agile Leap. Let’s look at hero’s formations.


Now, about the elementality of your opponents, this time just pay your attention to hero skills and level.

Best Heroes to pick for this Boss are: 

Team A may contents of Zatlux, Hydrissea, Zachary, Connor. It is very f2p friendly heroes pack. Quite often, Hydrassea drops out in Advanced summon.  You can use Covenants system in the game to pick Connor and Zatlux.

Team B can contain Hakrin, Santis,William, Blackhorn. Go to Altar and try to use synthesis to get Santis and Hakrin.

You can also combine some other heroes in variants of teambuilding, for example, use as base Poison duo Santis, Gangelo, then add tank Hakrin and healer Blackhorn, and something like that.

Of course to make a progress and high rank you should upgrade heroes. If you will look at hero’s skills, there are some levels of each ability. To maximize hero’s abilities go to the Altar and make promotion, use resources (jelly) to upgrade in Heroes menu and use hero’s copies to ascend and so on.

  • Legendary hero Siress. She can make damage to break a defense with Defense Pierce Up buff. Also she have a resist effect to negative effects of the enemy. And finally she deals damage with Attack Up effect.
  • Legendary hero Hydrissea. She is a tanky damage dealer. So she will be defeating guards and deal damage to boss. Her Speed Down buff working pretty good.
  • Legendary hero Blackhorn. He is a support with healing skills. Also applies Attack down to an enemy.
  • Epic hero Zatlux. He can deals damage and cast buffs. Good effects are Attack up, cooldown reset, Speed up, Crit. rate, precision and bonus damage.
  • Epic hero Jacob. Jacob will make combo attacks with his Madness skill. And he casts reducing Defense unremovable debuff. And interesting bonus is Stealth mode.
  • Epic hero Hakrin. He is a real tank here, very stable. Also his third skill with Taunt debuff can bring a little bit more damage.
  • Epic hero Santis. Great tanky girl with big amount of health, brings damage with Poison effect. Building with Gangelo her Poison damage will be increased.
  • Epic hero Orakh. He is a regular epic guy and you can get him in Summoning to upgrade. He can cast debuff on enemy to make Defense down. Also he is a tanky one.
  • Epic hero William. His role is tanky support with buffing team-defense, counter-attack and enemy’s defense debuffing. He casts Counterattack effect to all team members.
  • Elite hero Connor. His role is support with buffing team-heal, team-defense. Connor casts Attack Up effect, so it will help to deal damage.
  • Elite hero Zachary. He is a regular elite guy and you can get him in Summoning to upgrade. He is tanky and make Attack up buff. You can use him here.

Hero level for midgame: Level 50, Tier 4 Glyphs, Level 12+ Gear with Attack (+3000), Critical Rate (+100%) and Critical Damage (150%+).
Hero level for endgame: Level 60, Tier 5 Glyphs, Level 12+ Gear with Attack (+3500), Critical Rate (100%) and Critical Damage (150%+).

That’s all for now about Guild Boss Agulis in Awaken Chaos Era, please leave your comments down below, it is very useful for players! Good luck, guys!

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