Offer Calculator

Base Value

Base values for calculating the total value of a pack.

ConstantsValue ($)
Meal Coupon0,3432
Standard Gear Charm0,099
Advanced Gear Charm0,297
Special Gear Charm0,99
Advanced Summon2,475
Elemental Summon3,02
Ancient Summon9,6
Sacred Summon41,2
Stardust (50)6,1
Epic Soul Arcana20,592
Legendary Soul Arcana68,64
3 – Star Pumpkin0,15139
4 – Star Pumpkin0,95055
5 – Star Pumpkin4,899
Custom Gem Chest0,073466
Custom Crystal Chest0,293865
Custom Obsidian Sack0,470184

In order to use the calculator, you need to fill the fields with the values from the pack you want to purchase.

Also, do not forget to enter the price of the pack from the game Awaken Chaos Era.

% Value Increase Results

Compare the value (% Increased Value) with the table below.

% Increased ValueResult
Under 9.9Bad

Author of calculations – VeiledShot.

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