Covenant System

Covenant system in Awaken Chaos Era gives you an opportunity to obtain some heroes from the list and pick them to fight in Dungeons, etc. To get an access to this heroes you will need to complete covenant quests map.

For now, there are four heroes which you can pick to help you with a game progress:

  • Connor,
  • Asrina,
  • Zatlux,
  • Ciara.

How to obtain

If you want to join this system, first of all go to Campaign and Clear Stage 3-4 in third chapter of Adventure on Normal. After that go to main screen and look at the center of the picture, the covenant hero will be sitting right there on a bar chair. You may click on it and go into Covenants menu.

There you will see our 4 heroes bars. When you tap on hero icon, you will be presented a quest map to obtain an invite for Ultimate hero quest. When this quest list will be completed, you may use a button to begin a fight to get a hero covenant.

Covenant Quests

First hero is Connor. You can find him in Index menu, Holy Light Empire Faction, Elite, Fire. His role is support with buffing team-heal, team-defense. It will help you while minions attacks. Connor casts Attack Up effect, so it will help to deal damage.

Quest NameQuest Body
Where Adventure Begins…Clear Stage 3-4
Prove Yourself!Clear Any Stage in No Man’s Land (dungeon) 3 Times

Second hero is Ciara. You can find her in Index menu, Soulplunders Faction, Legendary, Water. She is a pretty good witch. She casts weakness to damage to an enemy, deals extra damage.

Quest NameQuest Body
Endpoint of the DarkClear the Void Tower on Hard
A Terrible BloodlustComplete all Bounty Hunter Stages
Summoning the Dark ServantOwn 4 Water Heroes at Max Level
The Dark TreasureObtain 50 Items of Legendary Gear
Dark PowersAuto-clear a Tulpa Dungeon (Stage: 9)

Third hero is Zatlux. You can find him in Index menu, Dragonscale Marsh Faction, Epic, Wood. He can deals damage and cast buffs. Good effects are Attack up, cooldown reset, Speed up, Crit. rate, precision and bonus damage.

Quest NameQuest Body
The Mad HuntDefeat 200 Bosses
Endless BattleBattle in the Arena 200 Times
Gain ExperienceOwn a 6-Star Hero
Prepare Your Supplies!Obtain 50 Items of 5-Star Gear
Armed to the TeethEquip Gear Enhanced to +12 in Every Slot

Fourth hero is Asrina. You can find her in Index menu, Dragonscale Marsh Faction, Epic, Fire. She is a tanky single-target character. So she will be great to deal with massive damage of Tulpa’s attack. Her Ignit effect deals damage on the target, it’s great.

Quest NameQuest Body
The Rewards of Self CultivationOwn a 5-Star Hero
Armed to the TeethEquip 4+ Star Gear to Every Slot
Find the Learning GroundsClear a Tulpa Dungeon (Stage: 7)
Don’t Forget to Warm UpDefeat 300 Monsters


Okay, first of all, you need to find friends in this game to borrow other player’s champions. It will help you to complete covenant quests faster, because you can farm dungeons and arena more effectively. Connor’s quest map is pretty easy. You need just unlock 3-4 Stage on Normal in Campaign. It will open an access to No Man’s Land Dungeon Bosses. He is a fire hero, so you can farm Fire items in Flame Lizard. When you defeat it 3 times, you will be able to complete a quest.

To get Zatlux you need to farm hard. Don’t forget about normal and advanced summons to get feed characters, it will help you to upgrade you main team. Then go and farm Adventure on Norm and Hard, get some gear. Go to Arcane Dominator Dungeons to get more gear. And of course do daily quest and participate in Arena and guild boss fight.

To complete Asrina Quest just go on farming, upgrade your heroes with exp jelly and food heroes, upgrade your gear, fight raid boss every day and use all your opportunities to clear 7th of Roaring Tulpa stage.

Ciara is the most demanding quest personage. She can be obtained mostly in a late game. You can do Bounty Hunt dungeon with 5 special keys a day. Clear Adventure stages to open Void Tower and complete it on normal to get access to hard mode. While you making it, build your main team and upgrade it. Don’t forget to farm Campaign on hard mode and do Special stages for special rewards. If you are f2p player, this may take you 1.5 – 2 months of every day farming. Do not forget to use Altar – Synthesis to get champions.

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