Roaring Tulpa

Roaring Tulpa in Awaken Chaos Era is the boss of one of the dungeons called Arcane Dominator. So here you can get as a reward some gear sets like Rage Set, Terra Set and Vanguard Set.

Boss’es Abilities

Roaring Tulpa boss’es skills.

Skill nameEffect
Boulder Shield (Stage 7-12)Grants an unremovable Boulder Shield for 2 turns at the start of the turn at 50% health or less. If the Boulder Shield expires or is destroyed, deals True Damage to all enemies. Cooldown 4 rounds.
Countering Blow (Stage 7-12)Counterattacks every 6 enemy attacks.
Armor BreakerDeals damage to an enemy and applies Defense Down for 2 turns.
Hulking FistDeals Damage to an enemy. Damage scales with this character’s defense.
ApocalypseLaunches an attack on all enemies ignoring 2% of the targets defense. Applies 50 to targets for Defense Down turns.

Other enemy’s skills.

Moonrock Guard (L)
SlingshotDeals damage to an enemy.
Reckless ChargeDeals damage to all enemies and applies Defense Down for 2 turns.
Moonrock Guard (R)
Slingshot Deals damage to an enemy.
Counterattack Boost+100% damage to the boss’s next ability based skill.
Small Golem (Minions)
RamDeals damage to an enemy.
FlurryDeals damage to an enemy, with a 30% chance to apply Defense Down for 2 turns.


Dungeon stageEnemy level

Strategy to Defeat

Okay, so Roaring Tulpa boss can use special Boulder Shield, this ability appears once in match on the start to protect it when it’s health reduces to 50 percent and so on. The requirements up to your team is to make this shield disappear (it is unremovable by other methods) by dealing maximum damage and do it within two turns. You are required to break this unremovable shield using high amount of damage within 2 turns.

After that, if you didn’t make it, your team will be terminated even with a good tanky heroes. One last chance to stand ahead will be using Invincible (immune to damage) buff with Marry‘s ult Refuge (Removes 1 negative effect from all team members and grants 1 Invincible to all team members for 1 turn. Invincible is removed upon taking a valid hit) or Celestial Kane‘s ult High Ground (Deals 100% damage to all enemies and grants Invincible to all team members for 1 turn) with Invincible buff (this character will not take any damage) to save a team and give them a chance to make it.

While doing a boss fight you will also meet his commanders:

  1. Moonrock Guard (for the right side) increases by 100% the level of damage while Tupla counterattacks.
  2. Moonrock Guard (for the left side) cast Defense Down debuff on your team to allow Tulpa deals more damage.

And for defeating use strategy, start to make damage to the right commander, then you go to the left minion and do all your final afforts for the boss at the end. Or if you are really champion just AOE them all till death, just joking)). It makes difference when you can uncast defuff of Defense, so than you need to concentrate on right side and boss. On stages 1-6 there are no Moonrock guards, it appears on 7th.

Heroes to Pick

Now, the elementality of your opponents here in this dungeon will be Wood. If we will think about elemental synergy, it will be usefull to pick some Fire characters. Wood element is week for Fire and you will bring more damage to the enemies (plus 50 percent). The bonus thing is a chance of 50% to avoid half of damage rate. So just use this advantage.

Best Heroes to pick for this Dungeon boss are: Connor, Asrina, Siress, Orakh, Elson, Zachary, Bruszakk, Balberith and Hector.

Basic team may contents of Connor, Asrina, Siress, Orakh, it is suitable for f2P players. Go to Altar and try to use synthesis to get Siress. Also you can use Covenants system in the game for Connor and Asrina. If you have more Zachary copies, just pick Zachary instead of Orakh. You also can use Hector instead of Asrina if you are higher level account.

Of course to make a progress in the dungeon you should upgrade heroes. If you will look at hero’s skills, there are some levels of each ability. For example, to use Elson, try to open new trait skill levels. To maximize hero’s abilities go to the Altar and make promotion, use resources (jelly) to upgrade in Heroes menu and use hero’s copies to ascend and so on.

  • Elite hero Connor. His role is support with buffing team-heal, team-defense. It will help you while minions attacks. Connor casts Attack Up effect, so it will help to deal damage.
  • Epic hero Asrina. She is a tanky single-target character. So she will be great to deal with massive damage of Tulpa’s attack. Her Ignit effect deals damage on the target, it’s great.
  • Legendary hero Siress. She can make damage to break a magic shield with Defense Pierce Up buff. Also she have a resist effect to negative effects of the enemy. And finally she deals damage with Attack Up effect. Wonderful f2p hero.
  • Epic hero Orakh. He is a regular epic guy and you can get him in Summoning to upgrade.
    He can cast debuff on enemy to make Defense down. Also he is a tanky one.
  • Elite hero Zachary. He is suitable for lower stages of dungeon. He is tanky and make Attack up buff. You can use him here.

Bad heroes to pick for this Dungeon boss: Jacob, Earendil. This damage dealers provoke Tulpa’s counterattack skills.

Hero level for midgame: Level 50, Tier 4 Glyphs, Level 12+ Gear with Attack (+3000), Critical Rate (+100%) and Critical Damage (150%+).
Hero level for endgame: Level 60, Tier 5 Glyphs, Level 12+ Gear with Attack (+3500), Critical Rate (100%) and Critical Damage (150%+).
It is very important to supps with Defense Down to have sufficient Focus (40-80%) to cast debuff.

That’s all for now about Roaring Tulpa in Awaken Chaos Era , please leave your comments down below, it is very useful for players! Good luck, guys!

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