UPDATE 14/01/2022

Game Updates

[New Content] Added new sub-story stages in Chapter 6 to Chapter 10
[New Scenario] Added new battle scenario in Void Tower
[New Magic Pass] King of the Dwarfs – Brand will open soon
[Heroes] Heroes that have reached their level cap will be shown with a [MAX] label
[Quick Promote] Now able to select which rarity of heroes to consume for quick promote
[Battle] Light and Dark element heroes +30 Precision when attacking Wood/Fire/Water heroes
[Rookie gameplay #1] Kane and Zachary acquired from the story will start at Lv.5
[Rookie gameplay #2] Unlock “Auto” battle function after clearing Story 1-4
[Heroes] A message will show when banishing a built hero or using it as ascension material
[Gear] Added [Quick Swap] function in Gear Enhancement
[Gear Management] Added [Sort] function to all gear types. Show the hero icon equipped with certain gear in [Manage Gear]
[Backpack] Added function to open multiple reward chests from Backpack
[Hero Synthesis] Unlockable synthesis will be shown first. Improved notification of having the required heroes.
[System requirement] Optimization for low-spec devices
[Animation] Shortened the length of hero’s ultimate ability animation
[Battle] Improved effects for some heroes during battle
[Graphics] Optimized the graphics requirement for low-spec devices
[Profile] Improved player profile icon and profile UI
[System] Expanded random generated player name pool
[Dispatch] Improved effects on the Dispatch interface

Balance Adjustments

“Trait [Moonlight Blessing]
Before: Applies a Moonlight at the beginning of the turn.
After: Applies 2 stacks of Moonlight at the beginning of the round”
[Moonblade Shot] The damage decrease coefficient of each bounce changes from 100%-70%-50%-30%, to 100%-85%-70%-55%

“Trait [Elemental Affinity]: Grants this character elemental advantage when attack. Can be triggered once per round
Ascension Effects: Grants this character elemental advantage when attack and being attacked. Can both be triggered once per round”
[Lightshot] Attacks an enemy, with chances to apply [Stun] for 1 turn.
[Flashing Pirouette] Removes 1 negative effect from self, deals damage to an enemy, and steal 1 positive effect.
[Ender’s Beam] Deals damage to all enemies and applies defence down for 2 turns. Grants a shield to self. Shield strength scales with this character’s attack

Crazed Urzag
“Trait [Bloodlust]: Grants 1 [Parry] when using an ability, max 3 stacks
Ascension Effects: Immediately grants 3 [Parry] at the start of the battle”
[Parry] Each stack reduces damage taken by 15%, removes 1 stack when attacked.
[Lethal Strike] Deals damage to an enemy and applies [Unhealable] for 2 turns
[Bloodshed] Active: Strikes all enemies 4 times, dealing 100% total damage. Each strike has a 30% chance to remove 1 positive effect.
Passive: Grants 1 Rage when an ally uses an ability. Uses the Active of this ability when has 5 Rages. Can be triggered at most twice per round
[Rage Eruption] Deals damage to an enemy, with extra damage if the target has 50% or less HP. If kills an enemy, launches a bonus attack with [BloodShed].

Darkened Nicklaus
Increased the damage scaling of [Dark Sword] and [Clamity] with the Health lost by this character.
Fixed a BUG where damage decreases after entering Dark Avatar state

[Holy Sword] Now enhances the stats of all surviving allies by 100% of the caster’s Attack

Trait [Survival of the Fittest]: Changed from “Ability may only be triggered 1/2 time(s) per battle”, to “Can be triggered every 4/3 round”.

Trait [Pleasure and Pain]: When ascended, Reduces all ability by 1 turn upon the death of an enemy. Grants [Attack Up] for 1 turn

Trait [Chaos Slaughter]: When an ally defeats an enemy, launches a bonus attack, can be triggered once per round. When Zachary defeats an enemy, launches a bonus attack with no limit of times.

[Bear Claw] The first strike has a 100% chance to remove 1 positive effect. Each strike afterwards has a 30% chance to remove 1 positive effect.

Trait [Soul Reaper] now has a bonus to damage from negative effects before ascension, and a higher bonus after ascension.
[Soulsuck] Damage coefficient of Soulsuck increased from 80% to 100%.
[Scythe Strike] Focus Down, Dodge Down have been removed from while Precision Down and Resistance Down have been added to random attribute effects of Scythe Strike.

Dungeon Adjustments

Reduced Health of Tide Guard (Right)
Shield granted by Water Whipnow no longer scales with the number of positive effects affecting this character.

Bug fixes

[Valuk] Fixed a bug where Poison from [Corrupting Roots]can be applied multiple times in a turn.
[Evelyn] Fixed a bug where the character’s trait triggers text error.
[Mulhex] Fixed a bug where [Rampage] has incorrect attack effects
[Hector] Fixed a bug where AI Hector can use [Waraxe Throw] with no limits
[Valeria] Fixed a bug where video and sound mismatched during the ultimate animation
[Gubeg] Fixed a bug where the order or turns were shown incorrectly when Gubeg has multiple turns.
[Orakh] Fixed an error where Avarice Set does not affect Orakh’s Combo triggered by a critical strike.
[Mognar] Fixed bugs where [Poem of Nar] does not grant abonus turn, and [Mog’s Rage] does not grant +100% attack and a bonus attack when the target is Stunned
[Nicklaus] Fixed a bug where [Holy Sword] could result in thegame crash
[Ravyn] Fixed bugs where ultimate ability and attack effects mismatch, and the game crashes during her turn.
[Queen of Tides] Fixed a bug where the shield still exist on the HP bar after it has been dispelled.
[Charles] Fixed the configuration error of Charles’s Rage upper limit from 10 to 5 points.
[Abaddon]Fixed a mechanic error in Abaddon’s ultimate ability where Death Knell would incorrectly prolong all negative effects instead of the stat-Reduction effects.
Other Bug fixes.

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