Dear Adventurers

Thank you for playing the Awaken: Chaos Era soft launch. With global opening only a few days away, our game developing team would like to express our gratitude for you playing ACE, address some of your most concerning issues, and tell you more about our plans for the game.

ACE could not have been in its state today without your support and help. It still surprised many of us how some of you came up with ideas and team combinations to defeat the Bosses. Your activeness and creativity during the soft launch provided us with precious data and feedbacks to keep perfecting the game in the future global opening. We know that some of the changes were not the immediate change you were looking for, and some changes did not work out so well. Nevertheless, we appreciate all your feedback and will keep updating the game to bring you a better experience.

We are only days away from the ACE Global Opening. Aside from the usual routine BUG fixes and game improvements, we will also add more dynamic gameplay and unique heroes in the year 2022, which includes:

  • More new Heroes, with more unique gameplay and team comps
  • More cool monthly Events
  • More Dungeons and challenging stages,
  • Real-time PvP
  • Guild Wars
  • Guild Dungeons
  • and much more…

There will be a large update on 2022/1/15, to prepare for the grand opening. We will issue 1,000 Diamonds to all SL players, so remember to collect them as well. Keep those good ideas and feedbacks coming on our Discord server and other social media, and keep producing those amazing content and streams. The game developing team would communicate more with our players in the future, and seek to bring a better ACE gaming experience to all of you!

Hope to see you soon at the grand opening!!

ACE dev team

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