Ash Magisteria

Ash Magisteria in Awaken Chaos Era is the boss of one of the dungeons called Arcane Dominator. So here you can get as a reward some gear sets like Avarice Set, Dragonscale Set and Raider Set.


Ash Magisteria boss’es skills.

Skill nameEffect
Summon FlamesBoss summons (3 to 5) Fire Imps to assist in battle. Can only be triggered once per round.
Blaze StrikeDeals damage to an enemy, with a (50% to 100%) causes a joint attack from all Fire Imps.
Flame BombDeals damage to an enemy and applies Flame Bomb for 3 turns. When the target dies or the countdown expires, deals True Damage to all enemies. Endgame (after 7th stage). As a bonus it inflicts stun on the target for 1 turn.
Flame VortexDeals damage to all enemies and recovers (100% to 150%) of damage dealt as Health. Grants a bonus turn at the end of the round.
Sacrificial Cannon (after 7th stage)Damages all enemies. If there are surviving Fire Imps, then converts 50% of health into +1000% damage bonus to Sacrificial Cannon attacks.

Other enemy’s skills.

Fire SparkleDeals damage to an enemy, with a 50% chance to apply Ignite for 2 turns.
MoltenDeals damage to all enemies, with a 30% chance to apply a Ignite effect for turns.


The boss’s abilities give him the power to deal long-term AOE damage. Using his Flame Bomb skill, Ash Magisteria aims this bomb selectively at your hero to deal damage three times, and then applies the True Damage debuff on your team, which cannot be blocked by defensive effects, and also applies a stun up to a heap. This is followed by the summoning of fiery imps, which deal damage, increasing the damaging effect of the boss’s attacks.

So, first of all you need to choose support hero, which can cast debuff spell and remove Flame Bomb effects. When you remove stun, it is necessary to use Unhealable debuff to stop healing skill of Ash Magisteria. Now, it’s time to AOE-attack flame imps to concentrate all powers on the boss. And finally, don’t forget to pick a healer hero to protect your team from area attacks.


Now, the elementality of your opponents here in this dungeon will be Fire. If we will think about elemental synergy, it will be useful to pick some Water characters. Fire element is weak for Water and you will bring more damage to the enemies (plus 50 percent). The bonus thing is a chance of 50% to avoid half of damage rate. So just use this advantage.

Best Heroes to pick for this Dungeon boss are: Joseph, Mary, Celestial Kane, Blackhorn, Nathalia, Hydrissea, Mulhex, Valeria, Gangelo, Santis, William, Ciara, Hakrin.

Basic team may contents of Hydrissea, Nathalia, Blackhorn, Santis or, for example, pick William, Hakrin, Santis, Ciara, this options are suitable for f2P players. Go to Altar and try to use synthesis to get Santis and Hakrin. Also you can use Covenants system in the game for Ciara.

Another teams can contain William, Nathalia, Gangelo, Santis or use Ciara instead of Gangelo.

Of course to make a progress in the dungeon you should upgrade heroes. If you will look at hero’s skills, there are some levels of each ability. To maximize hero’s abilities go to the Altar and make promotion, use resources (jelly) to upgrade in Heroes menu and use hero’s copies to ascend and so on.

  • Legendary hero Hydrissea. She is a tanky AOE-damage dealer. So she will be defeating minions and deal damage to boss. Her Speed Down buff working pretty good.
  • Legendary hero Blackhorn. He is a support with healing skills. Also applies Attack down to an enemy.
  • Legendary hero Ciara. She is a pretty good witch. She casts weakness to damage to an enemy, deals extra damage.
  • Legendary hero Gangelo. He is a tanky damage dealer. Applies Poison damage, single and AOE attacks.
  • Epic hero William. His role is tanky support with buffing team-defense, counter-attack and enemy’s defense debuffing. It will help you while imps attack. He casts Counterattack effect to all team members.
  • Epic hero Hakrin. He is a real tank here, very stable. So it is predictable the boss to attack this hero first. Also his third skill with Taunt debuff can bring a little bit more damage.
  • Epic hero Nathalia. She deals damage and casts Immune and Attack Up, also use Random Stats Up spell.
  • Epic hero Santis. Great tanky girl with big amount of health, brings damage with Poison effect.

Hero level for midgame: Level 50, Tier 4 Glyphs, Level 12+ Gear with Attack (+3000), Critical Rate (+100%) and Critical Damage (150%+).
Hero level for endgame: Level 60, Tier 5 Glyphs, Level 12+ Gear with Attack (+3500), Critical Rate (100%) and Critical Damage (150%+).

That’s all for now about Ash Magisteria in Awaken Chaos Era , please leave your comments down below, it is very useful for players! Good luck, guys!

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