Queen of Tides

Queen of Tides in Awaken Chaos Era is the boss of one of the dungeons called Arcane Dominator. So here you can get as a reward some gear sets like Warrior Set, Revival Set and Cursed Set.


Queen of Tides boss’es skills.

Skill nameEffect
Blessing of the EmpressGrants a random Blessing of the Goddess effect at the end of the turn. Can be triggered once every 2 rounds. If this character is buffed by at least 3 positive effects upon using an ability, launches a bonus attack with Dragon Bomb.
TorrentDamages an enemy and applies 1 stack of random Blessing of the Goddess on this character.
Stifling Aqua CageSummons a Stifling Aqua Cage and disables movement on an enemy with the highest attack for 2 turn(s). Inflicts damage equal to 15% of the target’s Max Health per turn for the duration of the Stifling Aqua Cage.
Water WhipDamages all enemies and grants this character a Water Shield that scales with the number of positive effects affecting this character for 3 turns.
TsunamiSummons a tsunami to damage all enemies. Damage increased by 15% based on the number of casts.

Other enemy’s skills.

Tide Guard (L)
SmashDeals damage to an enemy.
Water LanceDeals damage to all enemies.
Joint AttackApplies Joint Attack to an ally for 2 turns.
 Tide Guard (R)
SmashDeals damage to an enemy.
Water LanceDeals damage to all enemies.
RestorationHeals the boss for 30% Max Health.
 Hermit Crab (Minions)
Whirling StrikeDamages an enemy with a 50% chance of launching a bonus special ability against the target.
AquapulseDeals damage to an enemy.


The most of boss’s abilities are concentrating on a single target and boss deals the CC-effect. Firstly, she deals damage using Max Health’s amount of hero, she can protect herself with a Shield and deals damage with positive self-buffing. So now, let’s see what we can do here.

First of all, we need support to help to neutralize boss’s healing and protection. And don’t forget about commander guards, which are helping Queen of Tides. Left one helping boss with healing, and right one launches joint attack. So it would be great to pick a debuffer.

The main damage of your team could be based on Poison effects. Also it is useful to use AOE-damage dealers here and counter-attacker or joint attack caster. Also do not forget about a healer, if you have one.

The most strategy will be concentrating your damage and debuff on the right Tide Guard firstly. Then you should switch attention to the left enemy and boss. If you have a high level account, just do your massive damage )).


Now, the elementality of your opponents here in this dungeon will be Water. If we will think about elemental synergy, it will be useful to pick some Wood characters. Water element is weak for Wood and you will bring more damage to the enemies (plus 50 percent). The bonus thing is a chance of 50% to avoid half of damage rate. So just use this advantage.

Best Heroes to pick for this Dungeon boss are: Valuk, Rogge, Zatlux, Santis, Gangelo, Ghajar, Evelyn Firstdawn, Kaluk, Kane, Edicris, Urion, Blackhorn, Rodira.

Basic team may contents of Zatlux, Gangelo, Santis, Ghajar. Go to Altar and try to use synthesis to get Santis, Hakrin. Also you can use Covenants system in the game to pick Zatlux.

Another team can contain Valuk, Hakrin, Blackhorn, Santis or use Rogge instead of Valuk. You can summon Rogge and Ghajar in Advanced summon, Valuk also in Normal summon.

Of course to make a progress in the dungeon you should upgrade heroes. If you will look at hero’s skills, there are some levels of each ability. To maximize hero’s abilities go to the Altar and make promotion, use resources (jelly) to upgrade in Heroes menu and use hero’s copies to ascend and so on.

  • Legendary hero Gangelo. He is a tanky damage dealer. Applies Poison damage, single and AOE attacks. You can inactivate his ult in endgame. His first move will give increasing of Poison damage.
  • Legendary hero Blackhorn. He is a support with healing skills. Also applies Attack down to an enemy.
  • Epic hero Zatlux. He can deals damage and cast buffs. Good effects are Attack up, cooldown reset, Speed up, Crit. rate, precision and bonus damage.
  • Epic hero Hakrin. He is a defensive tank. So it is predictable the boss to attack this hero first. Also his third skill with Taunt debuff can bring a little bit more damage.
  • Epic hero Santis. Great tanky girl with big amount of health, brings damage with Poison effect. Building with Gangelo her Poison damage will bring greater amount.
  • Epic hero Ghajar. His role here to use Unhealable effect and do a counterattack. He reduces Resistance, make Focus of enemy Down and finally deals damage with Poison. Guys, he is must have hero here.
  • Elite hero Valuk. He have AOE-attacks, Poison damage and counterattack, good one.

Hero level for midgame: Level 50, Tier 4 Glyphs, Level 12+ Gear with Attack (+3000), Critical Rate (+100%) and Critical Damage (150%+).
Hero level for endgame: Level 60, Tier 5 Glyphs, Level 12+ Gear with Attack (+3500), Critical Rate (100%) and Critical Damage (150%+).

That’s all for now about Queen of Tides in Awaken Chaos Era , please leave your comments down below, it is very useful for players! Good luck, guys!

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  1. Should add you don’t need Gahjar skilled up if you’re going to try to complete it quickly. You guys can use my video on the queen of tides to show an example. Xynthos Gaming Youtube.

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