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Another great guide by Wade from the official Discord server. This time, he wrote an article for beginners who do not really understand the basics of the combat system in Awaken Chaos Era and dont know how to build a successful team. We suggest you read it below.

For any new player, they care most about the game tier-list, which legendary hero to pick at the beginning. If you have some experience in playing other gacha games, you would think that legendaries, especially light/dark legendaries are the best heroes. Players would throw tons of resources into building these heroes, but eventually find they are not so useful as their rarity suggests, leaving them on the bench forever.

I gotta tell you that ACE is pretty different from many other games. Up until now, some of the most useful heroes in the game are Epics, together with a few legendries, and even many Elite heroes can out-perform a legendary at certain stages.

After you’ve cleared Common Adventure 2-8, you will get 5 sets of rookie summons where they contain 3 legendaries out of 7 and 2 sets with 2 epics. Here I would aim for:

Mytheasia. She’s currently the only reviver in the game and can clear debuffs on teammates while healing them with her Skill 2. The most practical and unique character for now. You can always swap for other DPS units, but any team needs a support/healer. Can’t go wrong picking her.

Valeria. Fire AOE damage dealer. Her skill 1 hits 2 targets and has a chance to inflict defense down. Skill 2 deals AOE damage and heal herself. Her ultimate is also AOE, and it can be cast again immediately because of her trait if it kills an enemy when fully upgraded. Good skill combinations and decent survivability.

Evera. Wood damage dealer. You want her to have Attack Up buff to grant herself bonus attacks and AOE from her trait. Her ultimate is also AOE. Not a bad pick if you don’t have other nuker units to clear waves.

I wouldn’t recommend the other legendary heroes in Rookie Summon, based on their limited use, or easily falling behind other good Epics later on.

For most players, you should put most of your energy and resources into clearing as much adventure stages as possible early game (usually for 2 weeks). There are 3 difficulties, Common, Hard, and Mythic, each containing 10 chapters and 8 stages in each chapter.

Here I will recommend some of the best units for clearing Adventure, all with high damage, good AOE, or strong buffs, in Epics > Legendary > Elites order. Because in ACE, you can upgrade your skills by farming the dungeons as long as you still have stamina, so Epics are much easier to build and gear compared to legendaries, and they out-perform Elites later on in damage potentials and supports to the team.



Zatlux. Undoubtfully the best in clearing waves and farming adventure stages for EXP jelly and Glyphs. You can pull him from Summons or get a free copy from the Covenants quests. He should be your first priority to level 60 and build him a good set of damage gear, with roughly over 70% Crit. Rate. Absolutely a must-have both early and end game.

Nathalia. Her unique trait allows her to target extra enemies based on the number of buffs she has. Has very good damage and skill cooldown, she only needs some good buffer that moves before her, such as Connor, Joseph, Windstrex, or Mary, which all give buffs to the team under Auto mode, thus turning Nathalia’s abilities to AOE. Best pick if you don’t have Zatlux.


Valeria and Evera, as stated above.

Ciara. Water damage dealer. Could be got for free in Covenants, or summoned. Her core skill is her passive skill 2, which launches a massive AOE attack when an enemy is under 50% health every 2 rounds. Her trait that gives extra attack upon the death of an enemy makes her a good finisher and high damage dealer for both single target and AOE.

Hydrissea. Water damage dealer. She can be got from Rookie Summon. Her trait launches a bonus AOE attack with a 50% damage. Skill 2 and 3 are both AOE, making her rather good for clearing maps. But later on, she falls behind on damage coefficient and can’t keep up with high difficulty Dungeons or Trials.


Zachary. Free rookie fire hero. His ultimate skill is an AOE attack, and he usually triggers his trait that launches a bonus AOE attack when an ally or himself kills an enemy. If you don’t have any other options and do not want to reroll, Zachary could carry you as map clearer for a while early game.

Celine. Free rookie water damage dealer. Her ultimate has a short cooldown and is an AOE attack. Also, you could use her as a map clearer early game if you have no other options and do not want to reroll.



William. Water support hero. His trait buffs all team members’ basic abilities. Skill 1 can launch a joint attack with a random ally. Skill 2 gives Counterattack buff to all allies. His ultimate deals AOE damage while having a chance to apply Defense Down. Good support for all scenarios at both early and end game, and can boost the team’s total damage output. He can be good enough at Lv.50 early game if you are short in resources, and you wouldn’t regret to lv.60 him either.

Windstrex. Wood support unit. Her ultimate gives +50 Speed to the team and Attack Up. Skill 2 resets an ally’s ultimate ability, and skill 1 slows the enemy down. She could make your whole team take their turns before most enemies while providing decent buffs and damage boosts. In extreme circumstances, you can just gear her with all Raider Sets gear at Lv.1 and she’s good to go. No need for Lv.60 at end game as well.


Brand. Fire support hero. His trait gives a shield to everyone at the start of each round. His passive also has a high chance of counterattack with an Attack Down debuff to the enemy. His ultimate removes a debuff from teammates and provides Defense and Attack Up, increasing the whole team’s survivability and damage.

Blackhorn. Water healer unit. His ultimate heals allies and gives Heal over Time buff. His totem from Skill 2 also heals and removes debuffs. Decent healer unit.

Mytheasia. As stated above, she would become increasingly important later in the game. Highly recommend you pick her from Rookie Summon.

Other units either have limited use or are pretty picky on the scenarios you use them. Can’t really recommend them for a team that fits all.

I would recommend 2-3 DPS units with 1-2 supporters/healers to clear maps. Prioritize in making your DPS units lv.60, and supporters can stay at lv.40 or 50 early game. If you can’t kill all enemies in 1 round, then better bring a healer unit such as Connor or Mytheasia. I also recommend adding Friends as much as possible, especially players that have Zatlux as their support hero. You can use their support heroes 3 times a day to help you clear adventure stages. You can have a max of 50 friends and 3 times support from each of them every day. On the other hand, there are only a total of 240 stages from all 3 difficulties in Adventure. So, you can technically clear all stages with 50 friends in just under 2 days. Wow, Surprise!

When you are stuck on a stage, consider using more Elemental Advantage, which deals 50% more damage.

If you are still stuck, then consider building your heroes stronger, either with gear, Glyphs or skill levels. Gears give the most stats bonus to heroes. In early game, you can equip DPS units with +9 or +12 gear, and support units +6. Upgrade your Glyphs and level up skills by farming adventure stages and No Man’s Land in Dungeon.

Once you’ve unlocked Mythic stages, I recommend start using Double EXP Card that you can buy with Diamonds from Shop.

Click on the Bonuses icon in the main menu to activate/deactivate double EXP. Remember, you can pause it when not farming for EXP from adventure stages.

The further you are in Mythic stages, the higher the chance of getting legendary Glyphs, and the more EXP. Thus, building a specific map farming team would be crucial. Recommend you stacking Attack%, Crit. Rate and Crit. Damage stats for DPS units, with some extra Speeds, make sure you move before the enemies and clear them all out in 1 round. Support/healer units can stack no HP%, Defense to help with survivability, or Speed Boots to adjust their order of turns to act before the DPS and give buffs to them first.

Farm different Mythic chapters would give different sets of gear:

For DPS:

  • Mythic 1: Warrior Set (2-piece set, +15% Attack)
  • Mythic 4: Rage Set (4-piece set, +20% Crit. Rate)
  • Mythic 10: Cursed Set (4-piece set, 35% chance to launch a Bonus Attack with skill 1)

For Support/Healers:

  • Mythic 2: Terra Set (2-piece set, +15% HP)
  • Mythic 3: Raider Set (2-piece set, +15 Speed)
  • Mythic 6: Vanguard Set (2-piece set, +15% Defense)
  • Mythic 8: Revival Set (4-piece set, Heals 10% HP each turn, 20% when under 50% HP)

Once you’ve got the right heroes and relatively good 5-star gear, then you can start challenging the gear dungeons (Dungeon->Arcane Dominator). Mythic campaigns give more stable gear rewards before you can auto clear Stage 11 in gear dungeons because only from stage 11 do 6-star gears start to drop.

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