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One of the moderators Wade of the Discord server wrote an great guide about free summons in Awaken Chaos Era. We suggest you read it.


This guide will mainly sum up all the free summons that players can get in the game, which some of you might have missed. It will tell you where to find Diamonds and Advanced Summoning Crystals for free.

Use the following codes in Settings-> Account->Redemption Code to get free stuff:

No Level Requirement:
Hello100 – Normal Summoning Crystal x 100
FOODY – 3-stars foody x 1
Swordout – 4-star Raider Blade x 1 Special Weapon Charm x 3 Advanced Weapon Charm
ACEEXP – 1-Hour Double EXP
ACE777 – Gold x 10000 Diamond x 100 EXP Jelly x 100000

Level 5:
Whosyourdaddy – zachary x 1
Ineedadoctor – abbott x 1

Level 10:
ACEDC – Advanced Summoning Crystal x 3
ACEFB – Advanced Summoning Crystal x 3

Now let’s dig where you can get free Diamonds in the game:


Daily Quests give 50 Diamonds per day.

Weekly Quests 100 Diamonds a week.


Heroes will be unlocked after you acquire new ones.

Different rarity also gives a different amount of Diamonds.

Certain combination of Heroes unlocks Bonding rewards, which also gives Diamonds.


Click on the “Training” tab on the right, and you’ll see 5 groups of AI opponents, each victory gives you 10 Diamonds. This refreshes daily and is a must-get.

Suggest you expend all Arena Passes every day, which recovers every hour. So, every Sunday you’ll have at least 100 Diamonds as a Rank reward even at Bronze V.


  • Endless Trial: This resets every 2 days and does not consume energy. So play here after you’ve burned through your daily energy. Diamonds will be given every time you first clear a difficulty.

When you are in the dungeon map, plan out the routes so that you walk past the most Coin Bags, which give you Gold or 20 Diamonds. We are just aiming to get the most free Diamonds here, so the more the better.

  • Void Tower: Resets monthly, and has Common (100 levels), Hard (100 levels), and Mythic (20 levels) difficulties.

A lot of you should be able to clear all 100 Common levels and some hard levels with a team consisting of 2 decent Lv.60 DPS heroes and 2 Support/Healers in reasonable gear.

Void Tower actually gives a ton of rewards. Clearing all 100 Common levels gives 1050 Diamonds, 4 Advanced Summons, 100 Stardust, 8 3-star pumpkins, and 2 4-star pumpkins. Good for passing on time between energy refills. Low investment, high rewards.

  • Bounty Hunt
    This is a 1-time reward stage, has 80 levels in total. You’ll get 5 keys each day, and the difficulty increases as you go through. It actually makes you try different team comps to beat the stages, a good place for experimenting and decent rewards.
  • Dispatch
    Rarer dispatches give better rewards and take longer, each hero also gives a different success rate. To get rarer dispatches, we’ll need to increase our Dispatch Level, which you can check in the icon on the lower right.

In conclusion, you not only want to complete the rare dispatches but also try to fulfill the upgrade requirements. Also, Dispatch Quest on the lower left gives you rewards. Complete these quests either gives you 150 Diamonds, or 4 Advanced Summons, equal to 600 Diamonds when you have enough Dispatch levels.


This is a different shop from the “Shop” icon in the game. Click the bartender guy open.

Gold Shop has a max level of 5, you can click the i icon to check how to upgrade it. Leveling up your Gold shop to Lv.5 is a priority cause the higher the level, the better the items it sells. Typically, Gear Charms, EXP Jelly, Summon Crystals, Meal Coupons, Pumpkins and Foody are all worth buying, and sometimes even 6-star gear which can be quite useful for heroes early game.

Diamond Shop gives 3 Advanced Summons and 2 Meal Coupons at discount. 3 Foodys are also worth buying.

For Guild Vault and Arena Shop, I highly recommend the 20 token Meal Coupon, which is the main extra energy source for F2P and casual players. If you’ve got enough tokens, then go for that Hierarchy Soul Arcana for ascending your legendary and Hero Crests.

The best item in Trial Shop is the Awakening Soul Arcana for ascending your Epics. Andre Crests are also good, and you need 60 to summon him. Solid single-target DPS water hero.

Completing Events gives you Event Points, and I highly recommend getting Orakh (60 crest pieces to synthesis) first. He’s crucial for clearing Roaring Tulpa at early stages.

For Hero Essence Shop, banishing heroes in Altar gives you blue or advanced hero essence.

I usually banish Rare (green) heroes for hero essence and save the common ones for Foody. Use the hero essence to exchange for Advanced Summons, or Gear Charms if you need them.


Last but not least, there are 4 free heroes you can get through completing Covenants quests. Click on whoever’s sitting at the counter to check the quests.

For beginners, get Connor first, a good Fire buffer/healer. Then go for Zatlux, a Wood high damage DPS, by playing in Arena every day. This would fit you in the game much sooner.

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