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Dear adventures, There is a massage from Boolin.

I’m glad to talk with you in this way again… We really haven’t updated this channel for a long time, and we’re very sorry for that! In order to give you a better understanding of the next development direction of ACE (no longer worry about [is ace dying?] lol), we decided to continue to update the content of this channel from time to time, and here we show you our next roadmap.

New optimization

  1. A brand new summon event.
    We will optimize the summoning gameplay to give players more opportunities to obtain legendary heroes. There is a chance to get the new hero. And we will put new hero in limited hero in the future.
  2. GVE.
    We will optimize GVE mode including limited time, color display, and decrease the damage of light Zachary.
    (We will enrich the content of GVE for a long time).
  3. Minimize Battle window:
    We are designing, it will be released on Nov.

New Gameplay

Storm Duel.
Players can organize multiple teams to fight in quick succession to get streak bonuses to get higher points (new calculation method). At the same time, the opponents encountered in the streak will become more difficult, and the corresponding points bonus will also change. In the end, you can get a lot of exclusive rewards through ranking and difficulty. Since heroes have a limit on the number of battles, the more different heroes the player has, the more challenges the player has.

New System

  1. Mastery — Make heroes stronger.
  2. Gear Refine — Make gears more useful.

New Season Hero

For more information, please wait for community update.

New prepration

1st Anniversary.

New Code!

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