Witch of the Wind

Witch of the Wind in Awaken Chaos Era is the boss of one of the dungeons called Arcane Dominator. So here you can get as a reward some gear sets like Faith Set, Assassin Set and Raptor Set.


Witch of the Wind boss’es skills.

Skill nameEffect
Thunder (Basic)Enters Thunder Mode under 50% Health. Grants 5 Lightning Orbs at the start of each round. Attacks expand all Lightning Orbs. This character’s attack deals +100% damage per Lightning Orb. Removes 1 Lightning Orb upon taking a valid hit.
Approaching StormLaunches a bonus attack while in [1] Mode.
BloodlineAttacks inflict 2 Bleeding for 2 turn(s) against targets with a relatively lower Speed.
Shadow AssaultDeals damage to an enemy and applies Bleeding for 2 turn(s).
Assassin StrikeDeals damage to all enemies and applies Bleeding on them for 2 turn(s). Grants a bonus turn at the end of the round.
Lightning StormDamages all enemies. Damage scales with the Speed difference between this character and all enemies.

Other enemy’s skills.

Wind Guard (L)
Claw StrikeDeals damage to an enemy.
DispersionDamages all enemies and applies Attack down to targets for 2 turn(s).
 Wind Guard (R)
Claw StrikeDeals damage to an enemy.
StormguardGrants an Stormguard to bosses that scales based on 2% of this character’s Health for 2 turn(s).
 Black Owl (Minions)
Wind AttackDeals damage to an enemy.
Hurricane StrikeDeals damage to 2 enemies, with a 30% chance to apply Speed Down II for 2 turn(s).


This boss is trying to debuff yor team till death really. Firstly, she casts Unhealable effect on each member of your team. Than Witch will be attacking with AOE Bleeding debuff. Also she can lower the speed of team and her Lightning Orbs can protect her for some time after you reducing her health. If you are playing the 7+ stages, so it would be Guards there. Left one damages and casts Attack down, the right one protects her.

The most strategy here to resist magical casts and bring AOE damage.  What we need here is support to help to our team to resist boss’s Bleeding and Unhealable debuff. Person with Life steal and healing is suitable. Okay, boss can do AOE damage, so you can also use AOE heroes for clearing waves and damage boss with its guards. It will be good to pick heroes with Immunity effects, Attack up affects, Speed down and reducing defense debuffs. Also use cleansing one to remove casts, and counterattack is also great buff.


Now, the elementality of your opponents here in this dungeon will be Dark. If we will think about elemental synergy, it will be useful to pick some Light characters. This time, just pay your attention to hero skills and level.

Best Heroes to pick for this Dungeon boss are: 

Basic team may contents of Zatlux, Hydrissea, William, Marian. You can use Covenants system in the game to pick Zatlux. Quite often, Hydrassea drops out in Advanced summon.

Another team can contain Hydrissea, Siress, Thomas, Marian or Zatlux, Santis, Gangelo, Celestial Kane. Go to Altar and try to use synthesis to get Siress and Santis.

Of course, to make a progress in the dungeon you should upgrade heroes. If you will look at hero’s skills, there are some levels of each ability. To maximize hero’s abilities go to the Altar and make promotion, use resources (jelly) to upgrade in Heroes menu and use hero’s copies to ascend and so on.

  • Legendary hero Hydrissea. She is a tanky AOE-damage dealer. So she will be defeating minions and deal damage to boss. Her Speed Down buff working pretty good.
  • Legendary hero Gangelo. He is a tanky damage dealer. Applies Poison damage, single and AOE attacks.
  • Legendary hero Siress. She can make damage to break a defense with Defense Pierce Up buff. Also she have a resist effect to negative effects of the enemy. And finally she deals damage with Attack Up effect.
  • Epic hero Zatlux. He can deals damage and cast buffs. Good effects are Attack up, cooldown reset, Speed up, Crit. rate, precision and bonus damage.
  • Epic hero Santis. Great tanky girl with big amount of health, brings damage with Poison effect. Building with Gangelo her Poison damage will be increased.
  • Epic hero Ghajar. His role here to use Unhealable effect and do a counterattack. He reduces Resistance, make Focus of enemy Down and finally deals damage with Poison.
  • Epic hero William. His role is tanky support with buffing team-defense, counter-attack and enemy’s defense debuffing. It will help you while imps attack. He casts Counterattack effect to all team members.
  • Epic hero Thomas. Damage dealer with useful skills. He can apply Stun effect, remove boss’s buff, make counterattack and deals good damage after he casts Defense down II.
  • Elite hero Marian. She is a support, must have here because of her Life steal, Defense Down and healing. Her epic form Marian Shadowblood can also remove negative effects.
  • Elite hero Mary. Also a support hero. She can remove negative effects from all team members, can apply Stun, casts Damage Up, Immune, and brings Invincible to all, wow.

Hero level for midgame: Level 50, Tier 4 Glyphs, Level 12+ Gear with Attack (+3000), Critical Rate (+100%) and Critical Damage (150%+).
Hero level for endgame: Level 60, Tier 5 Glyphs, Level 12+ Gear with Attack (+3500), Critical Rate (100%) and Critical Damage (150%+).

To get more valuable gear rewards go to higher stages of this Dungeon 7 to 12 ones.

That’s all for now about Witch of the Wind in Awaken Chaos Era, please leave your comments down below, it is very useful for players! Good luck, guys!

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