UPDATE 17/01/2022

Game Updates

[Battle] Added new battle BGM in Chapter 1.
[Drops] Fixed an error in gear drops. Now gear drops will only be shown during the Boss fight in the Arcane Dominator.
[Covenants] Fixed a display error when switching heroes in Covenents.
[Heroes] Fixed a display issue on certain iOS devices with notch screens.
[Covenants] Fixed a description error in Zatlux’s quest, Armed to the Teeth: Equip Gear Enhanced to +12 in Every Slot, not +15.
[Guild] Fixed a Bug where players cannot claim the Guild Chest rewards.
[Guild] Fixed a Bug where the daily Hero Matrix Exchange did not reset.
[Chat] Fixed a bug where the text did not show after it was translated in a chat.
[Sound] Fixed a bug where the in-game music did not remain off in the background of the device after switching game language.

Text Issues

[Challenge] Fixed a Challenge description error in traditional Chinese version.
[Heroes] Fixed the description error in Borden’s Trait.
[Russian] Fixed a missing character issue.
[Traditional Chinese] Fixed an ability description error of Jonathan in traditional Chinese verison.
[UI] Other UI fixes.

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