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Hello, adventurers, today we will talk about how to play in Awaken Chaos Era game. If you are new here and just gonna start with a new account, you should read this guide first to make a progress in the game. We hope you will learn something interesting, let’s go!

Game Content

So now let’s see what we can find here. Awaken Chaos Era is a roleplay game which contains strategic components and PvE gameplay mode, you can take part in battles individually and automatically. There are a lot of Heroes to pick up and it’s number getting wide.

For now you can get 155 Heroes with summons, campaign and events. Each hero in the game has some parameters.


  • Legendary (gold),
  • Epic (violet),
  • Elite (blue),
  • Rare (green),
  • Common (gray).

There are 3 types of Summoning, which will give you these heroes. For example, Advanced summon helps to get legends, epics and elite ones. Normal summon will bring rares and commons with elites, which you can, by the way, use to upgrade your main team with Altar. So every hero is useful, if you know what to do.

So, you can see Elemental specifications. There are Light, Dark, Fire, Wood and Water elementals for heroes. When you do campaign battles or bosses, this elements will bring you opportunity or weakness in connection with hero’s elementality.

Now, there are some Factions either:

  • Holy Light Empire,
  • Crisas,
  • Lasir,
  • Soulplunders,
  • Sylvan Woodlands,
  • Titan Icelands,
  • Free Cities,
  • Dragonscale Marsh.

These factions are the part of campaign storytelling. Let’s see what game tells us about it.


Holy Light Empire. The man we now call Emperor Gilbert, the founder of the Holy Light Empire, was once a subordinate of the Holy King Carlos. Gilbert won his king’s trust by virtue of his military prowess. After the death of the Holy King, Gilbert made use of his prestige and outstanding leadership abilities to establish the brilliant Holy Light Empire and achieve what even the Holy King Carlos could not: the unification of the entire continent under one man’s rule.

Crisas. Legend has it that the vast sandlands of Crisas were formed long ago during the war between the Titans and the God of Chaos. Today, Crisas is mostly inhabited by goblins and orcs, amongst a scattering of some humans and other races. For centuries, exciting tales of adventure and mysterious ancient artifacts have attracted countless greedy treasure-hunters to this seemingly boundless golden desert.

Lasir. Was once the most powerful kingdom on the continent. Carlos, the Holy King of Lasir, was a gifted statesman and military strategist, and through his bold campaigns he managed to unify the scattered and divided human kingdoms under a single banner: the Flaming Cross. It was this feat that earned him the name “Holy King”. The Lasir of today might not be as brilliant as in bygone days, but its people remain deeply proud of its former glory.

Soulplunders. Following the invasion of the God of Chaos, the elves’ ancient homeland was reduced to ashes in a cataclysmic explosion. With the passing of centuries, this desolate island gradually regained its vitality. The followers of the God of Chaos gathered here to establish their shadowy cult. Calling themselves the “Soulplunders”, they believe that the God of Chaos will visit the world again to cleanse it of its corruption and hypocrisy.

Sylvan Woodlands. After the elves’ homeland was destroyed a thousand years ago, they were forced to migrate to the Sylvan Woodlands, where they were welcomed by the Bloodbeast tribe. Over the passing centuries, however, the elves corrupted the western reaches of the woodlands through their abuse of arcane energies, and were forced to relocate once again toward the east, where they remain to this day. The elves named their new home the “Astral Forest” to express their devotion to the divine power of the stars.

Titan Icelands. According to dwarven myth, this vast expanse of ice is the cemetery of the great primordial Titans, and their ancient remains are the source of the inexhaustible elemental energy hidden here. It was in this frigid tundra that the dwarves established their Mountain Kingdom, which is a federation of the four major dwarven clans. Dwarves are not the only ones who inhabit the Titan Icelands, however: a variety of scattered free tribes also eke out a living in this unforgiving land, and these warlike wildlings are known as the “Snow Savages”.

Free Cities. The Free Cities were once a province that belonged to the Holy Light Empire. Known for their bustling trade and open-minded culture, the Free Cities attracted ambitious adventurers from around the world. However, their values and beliefs conflicted strongly with those of the Empire, and tensions gradually escalated until a bloody insurrection erupted. After the Imperial Magistrate was overthrown and expelled, the Free Cities declared independence from the Empire, and over time, eventually developed into the loosely-governed confederation that we know today.

Dragonscale Marsh. Located to the east of the Starfall Sea, Dragonscale Marsh is a swampy region inhabited by a variety of cold-blooded, reptilian races-including the Lizardmen. Dragons once dwelled in these marshlands, and thus they contain the buried remains of countless dragons. Many say that the elemental energy exuded by the marsh is sourced from the dragon scales buried here. Some even claim that a small number of dragon descendants still lurk within the region’s foggy interior.

Gameplay Modes

First of all you need to play through demonstration campaign scenes. It will show you gameplay mechanics. You can choose a hero and place it for a battlefield. Then you will use skills that can be trait, basic, passive, special or ultimate. When you prepare your main team with upgrades, gear and artifacts, try to take part in opened game activities. There are some gameplay modes here.

Campaign or Adventure

In this menu you can find Chapters and Stages of main gameplay scenery. Game creators will tell you the story of this Land and show you the advantages and disadvantages of your heroes. Every stage is full of enemies and their power level will grow further. Some key stages have bosses. Every stage will bring you rewards, something useful like Exp Jelly and gear, summoning crystals, etc. You can farm it every day with meal energy to get loot.


In this game you can find reach PvE content. For now there are opened 12 PvE areas. There are 5 options in No Man’s Land dungeons. This options connected with elementals of your heroes. For example, menu with Shadow Captive. It contents of 9 stages for definite energy cost and reward. You will join the battle with some minions and an elemental boss. And for definite option bar you will be able to defeat certain Boss of Elemental. For the Reward you will get gems and other.

Another 5 Dungeon options you can get when clear 4-3 stage of Campaign and it is an Arcane Dominator. Here you can get some gear to upgrade your progress. Roaring Tulpa, Ash Magisteria, Queen of Tides, Witch of the Wind and Gemini Dragon. We will talk about builds next time, but just remember that 8 stage is the most wishable here.

Okay, Void Tower (clear stage 4-7) dungeon has two modes like Normal and Hard. It’s mostly like another tower dungeons in this type of games. You just get your team and clear floors of tower. Some of the floors have minions, some are for bosses. As a reward you can get stardust, jelly and so on. It is very good to upgrade your summoning.

Endless Trial (clear 5-5) is a classy endless challenge to earn Tokens. This tokens are to buy stuff in Tavern. So you just go and choose level, battle through it, choose your artifacts and earn rewards in chests.

And finally, Bounty Hunt. This mode allows you to defeat some enemies and get bounty on the stage. To do it there is a warrant (5 in a day).

Player’s Connections

First of all let’s check our social activity. To play in PvP mode you can go to the Arena menu. To get help in Dungeons you can use friend system. And of course you can join the Guild to battle with Guild boss as well.

To make friends in this game go to Friends menu on the top of the main screen and use search bar. Send requests to players and get your friendship points after all.

Now to do arena fights, you should choose opponent and challenge him (or her) using arena pass. There is a list of battle teams on the Arena menu screen. If you will get victory points, your place in Arena tier could be changed for 6 ranks:

  • Legend,
  • Diamond,
  • Platinum,
  • Gold,
  • Silver,
  • Bronze.

Every seven days at the end of season you will get special reward connected to your tier rank.


This tip is useful for a new coming F2P (Free to Play) players. Okay, when you see your training mode go through it until you reach your first Rookie Summon. When you get your Legendary and it is satisfying you, only after that choose your constant Nickname, make any donations and link account to your social media. Your account name will be blocked after wiping if you lose your account link.

Be an active player and welcome to the game, we hope you’ve learned some more with us and a little bit about how to play in Awaken Chaos Era game. Good luck, guys!

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