UPDATE 12/01/2022

Game Updates

  1. [Events] The Winter Festival has ended and the holiday-themed tavern has now been restored to its default state.
  2. [Arena] Bronze tier points will no longer rank down when the points are reset every week.
  3. [Events] The Winter Festival Event Shop is now closed.
  4. [Arcane Dominator] The bonus damage of Arcane Dominator’s Sacrificial Cannon has now been increased from 500% to 1000% when all of the Fire Imps have not been killed before the cannon is fired.

Additional Adjustments

  1. [Abaddon] Fixed an issue where Abaddon’s trait did not work correctly.
    Before: Abaddon’s trait was not applying bonus damage to his basic attack and special ability but was applying bonus damage to his ultimate ability.
    After: The bonus damage now applies correctly to all abilities.
  2. [Hector] Fixed the issue where Hector’s Increased Damage Taken effect from his Waraxe Throw did not stack correctly.
  3. [Hugh] Fixed the issue where an upgraded trait would have a chance of not triggering a Bonus Attack.
  4. [Quest] Fixed the description error in the Dispelling Positive Effects quest. The description should read “Remove the enhanced counterattack effect of the Roaring Tulpa”.
  5. [Shop] Fixed the issue where the product information would not refresh in time when staying on the purchase interface.
  6. [Quest] Fixed the issue where arena challenge quests were not unlocked correctly.
  7. [Guild] Fixed the issue where the damage ranking of the guild boss did not reset correctly.
  8. [Achievement] Fixed the issue where the game would crash when opening the achievements interface.
  9. [Battle] Fixed the issue where Abigor‘s Health bar was not being displayed correctly.

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