Another 10 tips to help your account

Hello summoners, we are going to learn today another 10 tips to help your account of Awaken chaos era game. There are 20 most important things to tell you in order to help you out with your account, and today we will observe the second ten of it. To read more information, please go ahead and visit our Guide menu.

Now, it’s really hard to get legendary ascensions, but there is a way you can get a legendary hero, actually multiple legendary heroes completely maxed out on ascension without literally ever pulling them. You see how you can get some heroes in this Covenants.

You can also get other heroes, if you actually go to your altar and you go to hero synthesis. This is essentially fusions, it is where you take other heroes to make other heroes, and you upgrade elites to epics, epics to legendary for instance. You can see there’s three different legendaries we can craft. There’s Tia, Savannah and Siress. About Siress. All of these elites will eventually become a legendary, not only that all the elites can eventually become a fully maxed out 100 percent ascended legendary, and you literally never have to pull that legendary or spend any money at all. You just need to get the elites eventually from your free summons every day, where you’re guaranteed the leads and then eventually you have her.

This is the part where we need to talk about banishment. If you didn’t know, in the Altar you can actually banish elites, not only elites though, you can banish other heroes. If we go to summon and we go to the normal shards, we know that the auto maximum these are going to give us an elite. So we just spam through and let’s just say, we get a bunch of these guys real quick. Then you go to the altar, you go the banishment and you can banish the one stars for gold, if you need gold.

But the one that’s really important is the uncommons, even the one star uncommons will give you these blue tokens, these banishment tokens. Because if you banish these heroes, which are kind of useless, unless you need them for food, then you can go to the shop, scroll down to hero essence, and you can literally buy advanced shards from deleting and removing your garbage heroes. This means your normal shards can eventually turn into legendaries, because not only can you get the elites from them, but if you don’t get the elites from them, you can literally just crunch the ones you don’t need.

So also you can get yourself more diamonds after you use your general normal summoning, because there’s bonding, that happens even with commons uncommon, so what you can actually do is you can go summon all these crappy heroes, and get a bunch more diamonds anyway. There’s tons of diamonds, and to get grand some of them are harder than others, but as you get more and more heroes, you get it more and more. Even just for getting the hero, the first time you get a hero, it’s going to show up and you get free diamonds. This will show up for all the heroes that you collect, so you can get even more diamonds this way too.

Time to show you a few tips about the campaign. So when you go into a battle in the campaign, you can actually turn off animations for multi-battles. There’s another way you can do this even on manual in auto, so if you go auto and you click on your heroes, you see how these zeros appear, so it makes them not use their ultimate even on the non-multi-battle.

Normally they would use their ultimate and it would take forever, because of the animations, but you can literally just remove it, and they’re just going to manual through. And you can do this, if you don’t want to manually basic attack over and over and over again to get to the last wave and then you can use your alts or whatever. It’s just a basic tip, you can actually use this in multi-battle also, so if you want to multi-battle, but for whatever reason you can only beat it, if the one guy doesn’t use his alt or whatever, then just just turn it off or on.

Other tip, you can click on the “i” button during the battle and it will show you everything that’s going on, like buffs, debuffs and cooldowns. Sometimes you can’t see all the buffs-debuffs, that are going on in the game, because there’s too many. You can see the rest of them right here, because it will allow you to slide
through all of them. So if you want to know how many poisons or something they have on them, that is one way to do it.

This is also a good time to mention, that the higher stage you go in the campaign, the more jelly you will get. Hard is better than normal, mythic’s better than hard and the higher the stage number the, more jelly you will receive. If you’re a well randomly doing the campaign and then losing the battle, sometimes they actually offer you four- six-star legendary gear.

Now they’ve nerfed the gear drops that we used to get from campaign, so it is more efficient now to farm the
dungeon for your actual gear experience, than it is the campaign. Unless you need lots of jelly, which you pretty much always are going to need.

If you didn’t know the jelly has a 2x bonus you can buy in that same diamond shop we talked about earlier. However you can actually pause that 2x bonus for if you’re going to sleep and you don’t have a macro running or something. By the way don’t run macros in this game, because they do say they banned for them, this is not one of those games, that all the clickers and all that is supposed to be okay, but that is what they have said.

Now by clicking the quick promote button this will take the heroes that are the lower ranking and level them. You can disable this for it will not do your elites, it will only go up to rares or whatever. Probably don’t want to crunch your elites, because there is no mark to show you which ones are for the fusion and which ones are not. This is a bummer, so be very careful.

Let’s say you want to level a piece of gear and you’re frustrated, because you have a whole bunch of stuff you gotta crunch into it. So you got all these goodies in Gear enhancement, you’re gonna have to go through and click all of these. It takes literally forever or you can just click and hold and it will take all of the same rarity and star. So if we scroll down, we can see some blue five stars okay blue five stars, purple five star etc. Now if click and hold on this five star legendary, it’s only gonna do that one, if click and hold on the six star legendary, it’s gonna do all of them. You can actually do a little bit quicker.

And last but not least right here, we’ll show you bonuses. If you have a 2x jelly going on and you can get yourself a 2x jelly in the diamond shop, go down here you can buy for instance a 24-hour one, which is the the cheapest per hour breakdown. Then you can go to your bonuses, go to your inventory, you use it. And then you can go your bonuses and will use it again in the future.

Please let us know in the comments below which part of this text another 10 tips to help your account of Awaken chaos era game was helpful to you and have a good luck and have fun a lot, guys! Stay tuned!

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