10 tips to help your account

Hello summoners, we are going to learn today 10 tips to help your account of Awaken chaos era game. There are 20 most important things to tell you in order to help you out with your account, and today we will observe the first ten of it. We’re going to go ahead and start that process right now with basics.

The first thing you want to do is make sure when you look at the events, you’re not wasting resources in order to do things before the event. So there is an example, a hero promotion event or something’s coming out, so don’t promote your characters till the promotion event comes out, that way you can get the rewards. Then Hero summoning event is coming out and arena of glory is coming out, so it will be wise to save shards we get in the future for this which will happen in x days. The arena of glory one is just spamming arena battles and so, try to save arena tokens right here in Backpack for when this event comes out.

The next thing to understand, we need to explain foodies first. If you don’t know what a foodie is, it’s essentially a hero that has one ability. His ability reduces experience costs for upgrading by 50 percent. This is a half cut, literally half. So if you are wondering why it’s taking forever in you’re promoting, like your commons and all this stuff up, the foodies are the ones you take all the way the five star.

You can use the other commons and stuff like these, ones you see how these have four star in order to grab your foodie and promote him using the other ones. You can do that if you want, but foodie is the cheapest person to level. Now, how do you get foodies? The first foodies come from events, but also you can save your diamonds over time and actually get them in the diamond shop. They have a limit to how many you can get per week. You can get all of these free every week by just going and doing your arena battles every day, you will get diamonds.

The next part is how to get diamonds in this game for free. So diamonds for free you can get in the arena parts. And there’s actually another way you can get diamonds, that’s a little bit hidden. If you go the Endless Trial and you do endless trials, and it’s not about the first clear bonus, it’s about something else. You choose the
difficulty you want to do, you go into it.

When you’re actually in the trials on the map itself, occasionally you’re going to see on this random procedurally generated thing like Bags with an Artifact to choose and it is giving you some bonus items. In that bag they can actually have diamonds in them as well as other resources. Now clearing the Tower will give you diamonds as well, keep in mind, this is time gated. It’s a monthly thing. But you really need to clear the tower in its entirety, for the normal. That way you can literally auto-through it. If you don’t unlock it, you can’t auto-through the tower.

On top of rewards there’s also the daily rewards. If you actually look at quest, and you can go right here in Rewards table, obviously there’s daily rewards, weekly rewards as well. But the daily rewards will give you diamonds, so if you do your daily quest, that’s 50 diamonds. If you do your arena, that’s 50 diamonds. You do your endless trials, you’ll get maybe 10 or 20 a day there.

And that alone in one day is enough to get yourself at least one foodie. And with some diamonds left over so, you can get all the foodies and probably buy some pumpkins or something too every week. If that’s what you want to do with your diamonds, we probably recommend saving them for the event, so that you can continue to work on your events. Look at the event calendar, see when they’re coming out, plan ahead.

Now, about battle Arena. As you climb battle Arena and get higher higher ranks, you’ll get more and more tokens. Even at the lowest rank you get tokens. And you can fight people that are not actual players, in fact a robots, so what we can do then is take our points after we’ve acquired them, we can go to the arena shop see
different items.

Obviously we could get summoning shards, etc, but at the top we can literally choose a person to ascend with Hierarchy soul arcana. That’s a legendary, this is extremely valuable and is a viable way to farm free to play certain teams, that require a ton of ascensions on legendaries (Gangelo double poison for instance). Also you can get pieces of gear, good gear does drop quite often with the arena tokens, and you can use that to get it.

So now, how Speed works. If you’ve played other gocha’s, you might think that having 201 speed means you go twice as much as the people that have 100 speed, that is not the way this game works. The game works in initiation i.e dungeons and dragons. You’re rolling for initiation and the highest speed is going to be the person going first, the second highest will go second and it will continue in that order. The only thing that alters these orders are abilities, that do things such as speed up or speed down. Change the speed of people which will restructure the order you cannot.

The only way you can lap people is with bonus turns or mechanics that are decidedly about that. There is no 500 speed goes 500 times compared to one speed in this game, so plan accordingly. For that reason speed boots are important to go first, but aren’t always 100% the meta, because if you have five times the stats of somebody, ’cause they have all speed sets and only road speed stuff, but they can’t hurt you, because you only have defense.

Dispatching you really don’t want to sleep on, because while the rewards seem quite bad and they are in the beginning here, you do actually get charms and matrixes. You get these surprise chests which can contain all kinds of stuff in them, but the higher level ones will give better resources obviously. Well the problem is we’re stuck on the lower level ones, because we don’t really have good stats to get the higher ones to drop. So just do more dispatches. Basically set a timer and do your dispatches at the correct time, make sure you’re pretty much always have these up, so you can go into your dispatch abilities and max these out.

The one to max out first is the initial time, which is basically going to decrease the amount of time the earlier ones take, so that way you can spam through them quicker to basically get more of tokens, which will upgrade it more. Later on do the one that gives more rewards, more gold, etc. Then you’ll go into the bonus rewards, also you need go to level gear. So the dispatchers will give you chest, you use the chest and get rewards.

On top of it in Backpack, here’s your matrixes. If you go to the actual matrix here, which is in your bag, you can see you can literally straight up summon the heroes by getting fragments. You can see it takes 40 fragments of elites to get an elite hero.

Arcane dungeons are surprisingly important, you can find them just from the main page, just in the obvious dungeon button. Basically your friends are going to send you these challenges and when you complete it for them, they’re going to get a whole chunk. But the party of three challenges in particular, when you complete them you can actually straight up get diamonds, gold, scrolls, charms. But they can be hard, they got nerfed recently, so you should be able to do it. But there’s level 40, 50, 61s the higher ones, you do get better. When you actually get your own arcane dungeon, and you send them out, you can literally get six-star legendary gear.

Please let us know in the comments below which bit of information in 10 tips to help your account of Awaken chaos era game was helpful to you and have a good game! See you next time!

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