UPDATE 23/12/2021

Winter Festival Event Updates

  1. [Challenge Agulis] Use two teams to challenge the ever-changing Agulius, win event points and redeem generous rewards at the White Whisker Shop.
  2. [Winter Quest] Don’t miss the Winter Festival quests that are updated every day, you can get generous holiday rewards.
  3. [Winter Pass] Updated Winter Pass. Completing the quests of the Winter Festival can quickly upgrade and obtain the legendary hero Tia and Stardust.
  4. [Winter Shop] The gingerbread obtained via holiday events can be exchanged for a large number of rewards from White Whisker.
  5. [Festival Rewards] The winter gifts given by White Whisker will be updated every day in the tavern, don’t miss it!

Balance Adjustments

  1. [Imogen] Ability has been redesigned.
  2. Moonlight: Applies 3 Moonlight at the beginning of the turn. Grants this character an unremovable Defense Pierce Up upon receiving a Moonlight. Max 20 stacks.
  3. Lunar Slash: Deals 100% damage to an enemy and grants 1 Moonlight. +1 Moonlight and +30% Damage per Critical Strike.
  4. Moonblade Shot: Grants a bonus pincer attack alongside an ally in exchange for a Moonlight, which deals decreasing splash damage to other enemies equal to 30% of the initial attack. If the ally’s attack is a critical hit, then expends 2 Moonlight to deal decreasing splash damage equal to 60% of the initial attack.
  5. Crescent Dance: Applies 2 Moonlight to this character and removes 1 positive effect from all enemies. Deals 150% damage to all targets. Each successful removal applies +2 Moonlight.
  6. [Brand] Mountain Shelter: Shield is now removed after the round is finished.
  7. [Darkened Nicklaus] Dark Will: Modified from gaining 4 stacks of Death Immunity to gaining 4 Death Immunity.
  8. [Melizza] Hunter: Modified from increasing Crit. Rate to increasing Crit. Damage.
  9. [Windstrex] Winds of Peace: Now refreshes the ultimate ability of a teammate on cooldown randomly.
  10. [AI] Optimized the AI Design of Desmond, Ztlin, Harbeg, and Hector.

Stage Updates

  1. [Queen of Tides] Blessing of the Empress
    Old: Grants a random positive effect each turn.
    New: Grants a random positive effect every 2 turns.

Other Adjustments

  1. [Combat] Fixed that the summoned creature was too large that it blocks the target selection.
  2. [Summon] The function of skipping animation is added for normal summons.
  3. [Quest] Modified Zatlux’s Covenants from 6 different items of +15 gear to 6 items of different +12 gear.
  4. [Optimization] Fixed the issue of inaccurate damage statistics.
  5. [Optimization] Fixed that some artifacts did not take effect correctly in Endless Trail.
  6. [Optimization] Fixed some other interface display issues.

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