UPDATE 16/12/2021

Hero Balance Adjustments

  1. [Ztlin] The curse effect cannot be dispelled now, nor can it be extended.
  2. [Ghajar] Modified the Viperous Potion from applying poison to all enemies to applying poison to the remaining enemies.
  3. [Ghajar] Modified Venom Influx from reducing the target’s attack to reducing the target’s resistance.
  4. [Blackhorn] Totem will now purify a negative effect of all team members at the end of each turn.
  5. [Blackhorn] Nature’s Revival removes the purification effect and reduces the cooling time by 1 turn.
  6. [Valeria] The life steal ratio of Scarlet Feast has been increased from 20% to 35%.
  7. [Valeria] The life sacrifice ratio of the Eye Of The Cursed One has been reduced from 30% to 20%.
  8. [Mary] Changed the ability Protector from grants all team members 1 stack of Invincible for 2 turns to 1 turn.
  9. Optimized the battle AI of Blackhorn, Yolanda, and Windstrex.

Dungeon Adjustment

  1. Fully reduced the attack power of dungeon boss: Roaring Tulpa.
  2. Adjusted the dungeon boss: Ash Magisteria.
    · Fixed the target selection for basic attacks. Now the target of the restraint element will be attacked first, followed by the target with the most Health.
    · Fixed the bug with the summoning of the Fire Imps. Now Fire Imps are summoned once for every 3 rounds.
  3. Adjusted the dungeon boss: Queen Of Tides
    [Trait Ability]
    Old: Grants a random Blessing of the Goddess at the end of the turn. If the Conchblade is upon death and this character is buffed by at least 2 positive effects upon using an ability, launches a bonus attack with Dragon Bomb.
    New: If this character is buffed by at least 3 positive effects upon using an ability, it launches a bonus attack with a Dragon Bomb. (Greatly reduced the attack value of Dragon Bomb; Changed from removing all positive effects to removing 1 positive effect).
    [Basic Attack]
    Old: Damages an enemy and steals 1 of their positive effect(s).
    New: Damages an enemy and applies 1 random Blessing of the Goddess to this character.
    [Ultimate Ability]
    Old: Summons a tsunami to damage all enemies. This attack deals more damage per positive effect on this character. If the Conchblade is defeated, then this attack deals more damage per positive effect.
    New: Summons a tsunami to damage all enemies. Damage increased based on the number of casts.
    [Conchblade: Left]
    Old: Applied Attack Up to the boss for 2 rounds.
    New: Grants a joint attack with this character’s special ability alongside the attack of any ally. (Cast on the target with the lowest Max Health)
    New-added Passive: Removes all team members’ positive effects upon death.
  4. Increased the drop rate of high-quality equipment on the 9th to 11th floors of Arcane Dominator.

Other Adjustments

  1. Modified the tavern with a Christmas theme, and a Christmas event will come next week!
  2. Optimized the rules for resetting the points in the Arena, reducing the score drop for weekly resets and season resets.
  3. The damage that caused the target’s Max Health percentage in the Endless Trial artifact effect was modified to the current Health percentage damage.
  4. Adjusted the ability icons of Mary and Evelyn Firstdawn.
  5. Fixed that nug that allowed the gear in the Arena store to be purchased repeatedly.
  6. Now you can no longer receive the corresponding guild quest rewards repeatedly after joining a new guild.
  7. The hero rating function that appears after clearing Arcane Dominator will no longer pop up repeatedly.
  8. Reduced the trigger probability of the Party of Three in Arcane Dungeon.

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