UPDATE 29/12/2021

Game Updates

  1. Added Winter Festival Packs.
  2. Improved the gear rating dropped from Arcane Dominator: Increased the drop rate of 5-Star gear in Stage 10; Stage 11 will only drop 5 and 6-star gear.
  3. Arcane Dominator: Reduced the Speed and Resistance of the Queen of Tides from Floor 7 to 12.
  4. Adjusted Challenge Quest from Clear Endless Trial (LV. 50) to Clear Endless Trial (Lv. 50+)
  5. Reduced the damage dealt by the lightning effect in the Arena.
  6. All offensive heroes will receive 10% damage once at the start of each round after 7 round(s). Damage scales 5% each time it is received.
  7. Optimized the lightning effect in Arena.

Other Adjustments:

  1. [Index] Fixed the problem of missing icons in the Hero Search interface.
  2. [Hero Pass] Fixed an issue where the weekly earning limit was not reset correctly when the season of the Hero Pass was reset.
  3. [Combat] Fixed an error in the display of the health bar of the Blackhorn Totem.
  4. [Combat] Fixed an error in the calculation of the skills of BOSS-Agulis in the Winter Festival. Now the mechanism of causing additional damage based on the reduction of the number of units will not count the summoned creatures.
  5. [Dungeon] Fixed a bug in the dungeon leaderboard interface that caused data loss due to the calculation of New Year’s Eve.
  6. [Combat] Fixed an issue where the AI target probability of Mytheasia’s healing skills would be selected incorrectly.
  7. [Season Tower] Fixed the problem of an incorrect Rage configuration of monsters with the energy mechanism in the tower.
  8. [Multi-battle] Fixed a bug where there was no prompt message when using items when the energy of the multi-battle was insufficient.
  9. [Friends] Now there will be no reset accounts in the recommended friends list.
  10. [Music] Fixed a bug that the music continues to play after the storyline is skipped.

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