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Hello, adventurers, today we are going to learn how to get extra advanced shards in Awaken Chaos Era for free. It is connected with the resource you might not realize. So, let’s take a closer look.

About Summons

And now we need to remember, what the summon in this game actually is. To start summoning you should go to the main screen and tap on the Summon icon with a little dragon. There you will see three variants of summons that you can get.

First option is Advanced summon. Here you can use yellow Advanced summoning crystals and do a single summon or multiply one for 10 crystals. This type will bring you mostly Elite, Epic, Legendary and other heroes.

Second option is Normal summon. It has another chances to get different types of heroes. You can use blue Summoning crystals to summon here. The system is alike to first option – 1 or 10 crystals by try.

The trird one is Limited summon. This option brings you some specific heroes by summoning. To get 1 or 10 tries use Stardust.

Altar and Banishment

After you used your summoning crystals, by the way do not forget to use free summons every day, just go to the Altar menu in navigation bar and take advantages by your new heroes. You can promote here your lead and second team.

Another option is hero synthesis. It is some type of promotion with using elites. To get the legendary one combine other heroes from the list. To get them use summon.

The third option is Banishment. You have 3000 slots to fill with different heroes in this game for now on. While you make summons, you can reach the number of heroes to place in here. To clear it, just bunish rares and commons. You can do it automatically with a button Quick select. For bunishing heroes you will get some bonuses.

Extra Advanced Shards

So now lets see, how you can get extra Advanced shards. If you have the normal summoning shards like the ones that give you crappy greens or commons, just start spam clicking them and opening them. You can save them if you want for something later, but something you can do with these.

Once you have heroes, you can go to the Altar. There you can go to Banishment and you can quick select. Now quick select is going to banish anything that’s a common meaning, the gray outline or a rare.

And if you crunch in a rare, the one with the green outline, it’s going to give you these blue hero essence tokens. Now you can just go through like this and just crunch. And plus you’ll get some gold by the way for doing this too. And it doesn’t cost gold to open the shards, so you can slowly get go.

If you want you can banish your blues, but we wouldn’t recommend doing this for now. You might end up needing these at some point, but what you can do is you just go through and you open your shards.

So you go back to the the Altar and then you can just summon the 10x and it might be a little faster. You can just spam click through the singles and every green hero is one of the banishment shards.

Now once you get 40 of these shards, so we’ll make ourselves 40 banishment shards. These shards are farmable and by the way you can actually get these in the campaign, just by farming them.

Then you go to the main screen and actually click on the tavern guy to go to the Market. Just go down to hero essence shop and right here with the tokens that we just got from the crappy shards you can actually buy one of the good ones and this is advanced summoning shard. And this way you can slowly get yourself enough shards to get a legendary hero just from opening the the normal shards.

We hope it helped you to know how to get extra advanced shards in Awaken Chaos Era. Have a good game, guys!

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