Soft Launch FAQ

Hello, and welcome to Awaken: Chaos Era! We hope you are as excited as we are to finally be able to announce the much anticipated soft launch of ACE! Please take a moment to read through our sub rules, and enjoy your stay in our community.

Below are the frequently asked questions about the upcoming soft launch. See you in game!

  • When will the game officially release?
    • ACE has soft launched. Global launch will be at a later date.
  • Can iOS and Android participate in the soft launch?
    • No, only Android or emulator users can join the soft launch.
  • Which countries will the game be available in and if I don’t live in those regions, how can I play?
    • The soft launch will be available to those living in Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. For those outside of these locations, an APK link will be provided on our official ACE website where you can download the game. (Link will be provided later)
  • How many servers will be available for soft launch and will they be the same servers for global launch?
    • There’s only going to be 1 server for the soft launch. No matter where you are you will join that server. And it will be the same for global launch.
  • Will my data be reset when the game globally launches?
    • Any progress made during the soft launch will not be reset when the game globally launches.
  • What happens to my ACE Tokens if I try to re-roll my account during the soft launch?
    • For those who spent money during any beta test and are worried about re-rolls, instead of sending your ACE tokens directly to your bound account, you will now be sent a code instead. This code can be used 1 time, on any account of your choosing. We don’t wanna punish those who spent during the tests.
    • As a reminder, any purchases made during CBTs are refunded in the form of ACE tokens at 150% of what you spent.

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