10 Beginner tips for A GAME

So today we’re going over 10 beginner tips for Awaken Chaos Era. After the game gets fully released globally is when you’re going to want to consider doing these tips so that you don’t fall behind and that you stay current, you stay relevant and you get the most for the time that you have to actually play.

Adventure Mode

Tip number one should be fairly straight forward, but go through adventure mode as far as you can, as soon as you can. Because there’s going to be a lot of rewards and resources for you that are going to help you throughout all of the dungeons. If you try to do some of these dungeons first before you do adventure mode, you’re gonna be like ‘i’m struggling, I don’t have the gear to do this, I don’t have the resources to do this’.

If you go through adventure mode not only does it give you a lot of gems and also summons early on, but also when you hit things like this island discovery 8s1, there are five star pieces of gear, that’s gonna really help you, when you’re trying to make progress and actually do dungeons it’s gonna be a nice head start of getting some of this gear that you’re gonna need for later.

Don’t farm Adventure for XP

This next tip is for some of you, guys, that are coming from different games, where you have to upgrade your food units, you have to bring them in to adventure scenario, campaign mode, whatever. And you have to have your one farmer unit and then the three food units going along with it to upgrade the food units. In this game you don’t quite have to do that.

You can do that from here, but it’s actually more efficient to just use all your xp jelly and you could just get this xp jelly from dungeons, you don’t have to do adventure mode to get xp jelly for things and you can just upgrade all your food. You can upgrade your food monsters (for example, Ztlin) with that rather than doing the traditional way of mobile gotcha rpgs of having the one farmer unit and having three other units that it carry that farmer carries to upgrade their xp jelly that way.

I don’t want you guys to get in the habit of farming adventure mode over and over again. For that you can just get that same xp jelly and then also you can farm for gear and then since your units are going to be max leveled, I assume they would be max leveled for farming gear you are going to get this cool stuff. You just get the xp jelly from your gear farming dungeons.

Summon your crappy Crystals

Tip number three is summon your crappy crystals too. I know everyone wants the advanced summons, because that’s how you get the juicy stuff. But also these normal summons are really great for getting food units. The game actually has a very fast way of quick promoting things at the altar, when we can click right.

We can click on this thing called quick promote and we can promote all the low level things and then we can go again and we can promote even further this way. And it actually does not take a crazy amount of time and resources and energy to actually summon those basic crystals and to promote all of your food units. It’s actually pretty fast.

Get Charms

Tip number four. Here, in the gold shop we have charms, crystals, glyphs, we have more charms and crystals, and rings, necklaces. These are garbage. These rings and necklaces, the wood crystals you can get if you want, so you really don’t need to. But some charms are actually going to be very important, because you can’t upgrade your gear with just gold alone. You need actually have other gear to feed to it.

This is kind of the epic seven system instead of the summoner’s war system, so you actually need to upgrade it with charms or other gear. So this is a really nice way to get different charms. Anytime you see some of these from the gold shop, and they’re fairly cheap, it is super easy to get these. And then you don’t have to get the glyphs, but I think that these are just easier, so you have to farm a little bit less of adventure mode for the glyphs.

Don’t slack on Arena

Tip number five. Don’t let your Arena invites go to waste. If you see an easy team over here in arena, hit it. Then if you can’t find any other teams, that you can beat, just wait for the refresh timer to go down, come back to in a few minutes. If you can’t beat any of those, go to training hit some of these in training.

Because when you farm dungeons, you will get a crap ton of these extra arena invites, and you will just be maxed. If you don’t keep on this every so often, you’ll fail to have so much of this extra arena points especially for the general ascension stone, it costs so many, though 8 000. These meal coupons at the very least are very nice, and if you guys like summons, there’s summons there too.

I think the meal coupons are nice, because the general ascension stone is definitely the most valuable thing that you can get from there. That’s why you want to make sure you keep on your arenas and try to hit any team, that you possibly can.

Farm Glyphs before Gear

Tip number six. Before you farm gear, farm glyphs. If you go to farm gear, you may or may not get something, that you can actually use. If you go to prioritize glyphs over gear, you actually get whatever stat increases, this is a permanent fixed no rng stat increase. You farm these glyphs, you get attack plus 80, you get crit rate plus 1.5. If you’re coming from other games, where it’s like very hard to get right sometimes, it’s ok. Nice thing about glyphs is this keeps upgrading your crit rate and then you fuse all the glyphs, and you go to the next glyph level and then farm gear later.

So you get your fix that increases, you go to farm these from different things in adventure. You don’t even have this unlocked yet, but you go farm this from adventure mode, so you are going to be farming a little bit more adventure mode, than just the first time. Farm them for the glyphs, and also if you only need one, here’s recommendation.

If you only need one glyph for something like, maybe only needs one for some other to set, so I get six in the first couple runs. Instead of stopping the runs, i’m gonna need these later at some point. I’m just going to keep doing this. We’ve got the 10 runs, just 10 finish instead of doing one run or two runs for just the amount of glyphs i need. Just do the 10 runs instead of coming back later. This just gives you a little bit more extra, so you’ll have them before you’ll need them.

Don’t slack on dispatches

Tip number seven. Make sure you always have units out on your dispatches. You can go here to Dispatches (Dungeon) and make sure you always have your units idle rewards. You can even have your units with quick select to get free rewards. You don’t really have to do anything. There’s extra xp jelly.

It is another reason you don’t have to farm the adventure mode for all of that, but make sure that you always have these things going, because this is just idle rewards. If you don’t do these, there’s just so much extra free goodies, free resources, that you’re missing out. There’s some nice shards, some gear charms and this works on any gear, since it’s just a flexible one, not for a specific piece of gear, like boots or or anything.

If you get lost…

Tip number eight. If you get lost and you get confused. The next in the game you can do is one of two things: you can go to Challenge quests and see, what’s coming up next and go for the next thing available there or you can also go to foodies guide and just do the next thing that you need to do. Also keep in mind, that you may want to hold off on promoting things or upgrading your gear since it may be coming up next in foodie guys.

For example, (Stronger Gear Quest) enhance four items of gear to plus nine. If i’m looking to upgrade my gear right now, I may wanna hold off, because this option is gonna be coming up soon. So I’ll just hold off until we get to 12th part of quest and upgrade my gear at that point.

Don’t feel pressured to spend

Tip number nine. Let’s talk about money. A lot of you are gonna feel pressured to spend money to keep up, to make progress, to get ahead of everyone. You don’t need to spend a whole ton of money, if you play efficiently, if you try to not build things, that are unnecessary, if you try to be efficient with your resources and not squander them. You don’t need to go crazy. A lot of this stuff is not necessary, it’s just gives you faster progress. It’s not like you can’t do play anything in the game without spending money on all this stuff.

There is also the free one. But the reason, that these games put the free thing in the shop is just to get you to go willingly there to see all the in-app purchases, like nice value ones are generally the silver card gold card. No, others are generally the worst values like a little buff for the first purchases. You don’t have to feel like you you need any of this stuff. If you just play efficiently, you can definitely make out.

Your first 6-star

Tip number 10. For your first six star I would recommend a damage dealing unit for the first Arcane Dominator Dungeons you plan on tackling first, that’s redundant. So I would also recommend doing Roaring Tulpa first for two reasons.

Number one it’s fairly easy, it gives you some decent flexible gear, that you could put on a bunch of different things. For your hp based tanks you can put the terra sets on there, for your speedy support units you could put the raider sets and for your damage dealer units you could put the rage set. By the way it is a four set, not a two set and some of you may be familiar with two sets of crit rate buffs. That one is a four set, so that’s what i recommend for there.

Also the game gives you a very nice unit to build first dps unit for. There are a lot of people who have been building Zachary and that is kind of the reason, he’s a very strong unit, that the game just gives you very early. As for a damage dealer unit, he’s fire, so he’s gonna be really good in Roaring Tulpa.

And then also another nice one we gotta work on his gear and stuff is Connor. It’s another super easy unit to both obtain and upgrade as well. He’s a fantastic support unit.

Hope you guys enjoyed it just 10 quick tips for probably beginner progress in Awaken Chaos Era. Thank you and leave your comments below!

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