ERROR unable to connect to server

Hello everyone! You can ignore this ping-pong if you can already play the game.

We’ve received numerous reports of people with “unable to connect to server” errors. These errors seem to be largely resolved by connecting to WiFi. However, we understand that in many cases this is less than ideal. We’ve found that the vast majority of these errors are related to certain service providers (especially T-Mobile). Some of the big brains in the disc got together and found a solution to be able to play on data, unfortunately it’s only been verified to work for T-Mobile devices.

If you are having this issue, please try the following:

  1. Go to settings -> connections -> mobile connections -> access point names.
  2. Add a new access point named whatever you want. Copy all the info from your current access point to this new one, but change the APN Protocol option from IPv6 to IPv4/IPv6.
  3. Save this new access point and connect to it instead of your current one (T-Mobile US LTE).

Some of these steps may be different for your phone, but i’m not a wizard and won’t be able to tell you, so good thing Google exists!

Shoutout to the biggest of brains @nipchee and @Infinity Red for putting this solution together!

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