Notice on Account Reset

Dear Adventurers, We are aware that some of you have encountered an account reset after the update last night. We have looked into it and found out it is because that you may have tried to previously reset your account via the button in settings that was broken, thus when the bug that froze the game when trying to reset the account was fixed, your account was reset automatically.

Because retrieving the previous account may result in a loss of all data, we are now offering you the following compensation options:

  1. All the packs and unused ACE Tokens from the reset account will be sent directly to your current account, if the codes were unused, we can provide you with a new code.
  2. The same legendary hero you have obtained from the Rookie Summon.
  3. 1000 diamonds

To submit your claim, please head to the game’s main lobby and tap the icon at the top right.
Settings -> Account -> Support –>Tap the chat icon at the top right

For those who haven’t experienced an account reset, we suggest that you bind your account as soon as possible! To bind your account, Tap on the four-pointed star in the upper right corner in the game’s lobby > Settings > Account > Choose Facebook or Google Play.

  • Awaken: Chaos Era Operation Team

1 thought on “Notice on Account Reset”

  1. I never attempted a reset. The data was just gone but it did not link to my Google Play account. Was unable to link to Google Play inside the game. It is time for me to move on to something else.

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