UPDATE 25/11/2021

Dear Adventurers, We have fixed the currently existing issues and prepared a compensation gift as our way of expressing our gratitude for your patience. If you still encounter any issues listed below, please restart the game to apply the updates.

[Multi-Battle] Optimized the Multi-Battle interface, allowing players to check the amount of Meal Coupons and Diamonds they own.
[Quest] Adventure Quest “Own 5 Items of 4+ Star Legendary Gear” is now modified to obtain records based on history. You need to logout and log into the game again for it to take effect.
[Quest] Fixed the display issues of Daily Quest: Battle in the Arena.
[Hero] Fixed the bug that caused Blackhorn’s ability to upgrade but the effect of Healing Totem was not improved.
[Hero] Fixed the inconsistency issue of Myla’s name.
[Hero] Optimized the damage coefficient distribution of Corrupt Orakh, and the total damage remains the same.
[Hero] Fixed the trigger probability of Hydrissea’s trait. Previously it was repeatedly-calculated when there was more than one target.
[Guild] Fixed an issue where the Tips panel could not be closed.
[Item] Optimized the Enhance Charm descriptions.
[Other] Fixed the error occurrence when clicking on the Daily Pack.

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