1. When will the game officially release?
    A: Currently we do not have an official release date for the game. When we do, this information will be shared by us. Please do not take information from sources other than the ACE team.
  2. Is this the final CBT?
    A: Yes it is. After the test, soft launch is next.
  3. When will the Beta test start and end?
    A: The test will start on August 22nd, at 22:00 (UTC-4) and will end on October 8th at 00:00 (GMT-4). New accounts will stop being accepted on September 29th at 00:00 (GMT-4).
  4. How can I join the test?
    A: When the test is live, links will be posted in the community. Be sure to make an account early as testing spots might be limited.
  5. I keep getting a black screen after I download the game. What should I do?
    A: Try to uninstall the game and download it again.
  6. Will the game data be reset after the test ends?
    A: Yes, ALL data will be erased after the server goes down. (изменено)
  7. How can I bind my account?
    A: Click on your avatar in the game’s lobby> Account > Facebook or Google Play. Note: If your in-game account is not bound to a Facebook or Google Play account during this beta test, we will NOT be able to return your diamonds to you. If you have multiple accounts on multiple devices and you make purchases on all of them, your diamonds will only be returned to the account they were purchased on. We recommend only having one account. To avoid any potential losses, please make sure you bind your account as soon as possible!
  8. How will I be reimbursed if I make purchases during the test?
    A: Any purchases made during ANY of our beta tests will be returned in ACE Tokens, a new in-game currency that can be used in a special shop when the game is released globally. The new shop will contain all bundles and packs that were available during all of our tests. You will receive a 150% return on all purchases in ACE tokens.
    Note* The previous limit of only the first $500 being returned at 150% for Diamonds has been REMOVED. All ACE Tokens used to claim Diamonds will be returned at 150%.
    Note* The previous rule of a 150% return when ACE Tokens are used to purchase Diamonds only has been REMOVED. You will now receive a 150% return on all purchases in ACE tokens.
    Total Purchases Made During Any CBT: $100 (CBT 1) + $50 (CBT 4) = 22,500 ACE Tokens (Global Launch) ($150 x 100 x 150%)
  9. What will happen with my purchases made once the test server is closed?
    A: Any purchases made during the test will be returned in ACE Tokens when the game is globally released. In order to receive your return, you MUST do the following:
    1 – Your in-game account must be bound to a Facebook or Google Play account during this beta test.
    2 – Your in-game account must be bound to the same Facebook or Goggle Play account after the game is globally released. ACE Tokens will only be sent to the bound account that made the purchases.
  10. What happens to my ACE Tokens if I try to re-roll my account during the global launch?
    A: For those who spent money during any beta test and are worried about re-rolls, instead of sending your ACE tokens directly to your bound account, you will now be sent a code instead. This code can be used 1 time, on any account of your choosing. We don’t wanna punish those who spent during the tests.
  11. Can both iOS and Android users join the CBT?
    A: The test is only available to Android users.
  12. What languages is the game currently playable in?
    A: Only English. More languages will be available after the game is globally released.
  13. What are the Minimum Device Requirements to play the game?
    A: Android 6.0 and above with a minimum of 2GB free of internal memory and 2GB RAM.

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