Captain Borden Activity

Adventurers, time to join captain Borden in his treasure hunt!
Find the clue from the poem below and seek your answer from anywhere in ACE, which may be a Hero, Boss or even a Dungeon name! Fill your answer into the “Redemption Code”, it may surprise you with a hidden treasure!

Activity Time
ACE Monthly Bonus Activities, From June2, 2022

Participate In
Each event prompt contains a riddle poem with the answer to a place or hero in the game. The answer to the puzzle is the corresponding CODE for each event. Enter the
CODE in the game to get the reward.


  1. The game level of the adventurers participating in the event must be higher than level 15.
  2. The places and heroes corresponding to the answers are not limited to game levels/plots, please don’t miss the information contained in any corner of the
  3. Rewards can be redeemed within two weeks from the release date of each event, and the number of reward places is limited to the first 20,000 participants.
  4. All adventurers are welcome to actively participate and have friendly discussions.

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