Update 27/04/2022

Dear Adventurers!
We have fixed the currently existing issues and prepared a compensation gift as our way of expressing our gratitude for your patience. If you still encounter any issues listed below, please restart the game to apply the updates.

*Contents are under development and subject to change. Please refer to actual in-game information.

New Updates

  1. [New content] New strategy game mode: [The Lost Sanctuary] is open. Assemble your team and participate in this trial of skill and strategy.
    This patch will update 3 new maps for Ghajar, Harbeg, and Hector. New map will be opened each week.
    [The Lost Sanctuary] will be unlocked for players after clearing Adventure Ch. 6 on Hard.
  2. [New Hero] New heroes: Bachelard (Fire, Legendary), and Dark Dragon Asrina (Dark, Legendary) are available.
    New Summon UP event opens. Chance of summoning Bachelard or Dark Dragon Asrina both increases by 3x in Advanced Summon.
  3. [Login] Now the login interface will show the previous login method.


  1. [Dispatch] Fixed the incorrect faction of Blackhorn in Dispatch.
  2. [Map] Fixed the bug of the map over-framing when switching chapters in Adventure.
  3. [Hero Search] Fixed an error where the sort result does not match the heroes after changing the hero display setting.
  4. [UI] Fixed the bug of canceling hero animations in Index.

New Hero – The Wind Leopard, Bachelard

Bachelard is a fire Legendary hero with the ability to apply Ignite, and launches multiple Bonus Attacks with his ultimate. Hunt down your enemy with his swiftness in Battle!
Bachelard is now available in ACE, together with another new hero and new game contents! Check out the latest updates in game now!

New Dark Hero – Dark Dragon Asrina

The Dragon Queen embraces the power of darkness, and becomes more powerful than ever. Unleash her abilities, which also applies Stun and Unhealable to your enemies! Consume all who stands in her way with the dark flame!

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