The Lost Sanctuary Gameplay Intro

Greetings, Adventurers!

A new game mode opens tomorrow! Assemble your team and get ready to explore these mysterious lands with extraordinary treasure!

This week’s update will open 3 new Sanctuaries, as Ghajar, Harbeg, and Hector have been waiting, longing for you to experience their hero origins. More Sanctuaries will be released in future updates so be sure to stay on the look out for more!

It takes more than just courage to conquer the Sanctuaries, but also strategies when exploring the map and during Battles. In this mode, you need to consider how every choice affects the story and how each artifact assists you in Battle, and make the most optimal choices.

Of course, a single exploration will not be enough to clear these Sanctuaries. Multiple attempts and attention to detail will be necessary to fully complete each origin story. Try to find all the treasures in the maps, and they may surprise you greatly. The Lost Sanctuary awaits!

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