UPDATE 26/11/2021

[Hero] Adjusted abilities of Elite Hero Maluk

  • Special Ability:
    • Critical strike grants 1 bonus turn. Can only be triggered once every 3 rounds.
  • Ultimate Ability:
    • Deals damage to an enemy and apply Ingnite to the target for 2 turns.

[Monster] Reduced the amount of health that the monster Rourke recovers when it is attacked.
[Optimization] Optimize the compression method of a large number of scene resources.
[Optimization] Optimized game performance and reduced memory usage.
[Optimization] Fixed a jump issue on hero synthesis interface.
[Optimization] Fixed a bug in Maluk’s ultimate ability.
[Optimization] Fixed a display issue on the summoning interface.
[Optimization] Fixed a ranking display issue in Arena.
[Optimization] Fixed subsequent levels that would not unlock correctly.
[Optimization] Fixed a display issue on Dispatch interface.
[Optimization] Fixed a display issue of the opponent’s formation in the Arena interface.
[Optimization] Fixed the battle error caused by Last Breath.
[Optimization] Fixed the display issue of the Free Cities scene.

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