UPDATE 29/11/2021

[Optimization] Fixed the trial version of the Monthly Card. Privileges and Daily Diamond will be sent as usual.
[Optimization] Fixed the unlocking issue after clearing stages.
[Optimization] Fixed the Double EXP issue in Challenge Quests.
[Optimization] Fixed that Maxed Gear quest could not be cleared in Challenge Quests.
[Optimization] Fixed that a web event that could not be opened.
[Optimization] Fixed an Arena reward distribution error.
[Optimization] Fixed a camera display issue in the Endless trail game mode.
[Optimization] Fixed the issue of missing pictures in some guild interfaces.
[Optimization] Fixed some guild quests that could not be refreshed correctly.
[Optimization] Adjusted the Health bar display of some monsters.
[Optimization] Fixed a bug that caused an abnormality when Kyle shapeshifts in battle.
[Optimization] Fixed the incomplete display of the name box on the Deploy interface.
[Optimization] Fixed the display error on Vance’s hero interface.
[Optimization] Fixed errors in Ghajar’s biology.
[Guild] Fix the display issue after the guild quest is received.
[Adventure] Fixed a bug that may cause Adventure progress to fail to continue.
[Optimization] Replaced a batch of art resources to reduce the memory usage of the game.

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