Update 03/08/2022

Greetings, Adventurers! We’ve updated the game after the latest patch. Tell us how you like the new content!

We have fixed the currently existing issues and prepared a compensation gift as our way of expressing our gratitude for your patience. If you still encounter any issues listed below, please restart the game to apply the updates.

*Contents are under development and subject to change. Please refer to actual in-game information.

New Updates

  1. [Interface] Most of the interface in the game has been replaced with new pop-up windows and UI.
  2. [Event] Advanced Summon Rate Up Event opens! The chance of summoning Yolanda increases by 3x in Advanced Summon for a limited time!
  3. [Sky Duel] Added a new tier: Immortal. The new Immortal Tier will give you higher rewards and the limited premium skin of Yolanda.
  4. [Ruins of Gods] Added the real-time monster information to the stage page.
  5. [Ruins of Gods] Added more rewards for participating in Ruins of the Gods.
  6. [Ruins of Gods] Friends’ support heroes are no longer available in Ruins of Gods now.
  7. [Guild Battle] The weekly armor loot will only display chests in the latest 5 weeks.


  1. [Battle] Fixed a bug where Crixus’ Bonus Attack was not identified as a single-target damage ability.
  2. [Battle] Fixed a bug where the revived target remained stunned after being slain by the stun caused by Bonus Attack/Joint Attack.
  3. [Battle] Fixed a bug where Hazel’s Trait Ability could be triggered 2 times in 1 round.
  4. [Sky Duel] Fixed a few interface display errors that would occur after reconnecting.

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