Our developers have recently become aware that some players have been using scripts, plug-ins, and other third-party software in-game, as well as sharing these within the player community. As a result, for accounts that demonstrate the following violations, our developers will be taking measures including but not limited to warnings and account suspensions.

  1. Any account using scripts or other third-party software to exploit the game.
  2. Any account using plug-ins, scripts, or other third-party software to achieve artificial in-game progress.
  3. Any account obtained through account selling/exchanging.
  4. Top-up via non-official channels and third parties is strictly forbidden.

We will respond to any such activity by taking measures including but not limited to removal of inappropriately obtained rewards, suspension of accounts, and permanent banning of accounts, with the precise measures to be decided based on the seriousness and number of violations. Any content promoting or encouraging the use of any third-party software in-game should be taken down immediately. (Please note: it is impossible to guarantee that an account obtained through account selling/exchanging has not made previous use of plug-ins, scripts, or other third-party software.)

Accounts that have been created legitimately will not be suspended. If you have not engaged in illegitimate behavior but discover an account status error, please contact our Customer Service team at the following address: contact_ace@centurygame .com

To ensure that everyone has access to secure and stable gameplay, our developers are dedicated to providing a gaming environment that is both friendly and fair. Our developers will take proportionate actions against those using illegal software and processes to affect the fairness of the game without exception. We hope that you will respect the principles of fair, honest, and wholesome gaming, hold each other accountable, and help maintain the integrity of the gaming environment.

We encourage those who become aware of any similar usage of third-party tools to report such violations. You can do so via the in-game support button or by contacting our Customer Support Team.

– ACE Dev Team.

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