NEW HERO – Hakrin Stonefist

Time to reveal the new hero! Tadaa!

It’s Hakrin Stonefist.

Did you guess right? Wanna know more about him? He is eager to introduce himself to everyone!

Background: A student of the stone runes, Hakrin never lets the sacred tablet out of his sight. With it, he not only practices, but can tap into the powers of the runes, and that is when things get interesting. Harkin harnesses the mystical energy to turn his skin into hard stone when attacked. Now that he is in perfect sync with the sacred stone runes, he will violently shake the earth around him to let his enemies know that it would not be wise to pursue this fight.

  • Element: TBD
  • Faction: Dwarf
  • Level: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Characteristics: Tough, Loner, Calm, Focused
  • Attacks:
  • Basic: Attack an enemy and increase ATK power according to Hakrin’s DEF.
  • Special: Use the Rune shield to greatly improve Hakrin’s DEF and increase his max health.
  • Ultimate: Attack a target, deal 50% splash damage to other enemies, and increase ATK power according to Hakrin’s DEF.
  • Passive: Reduce chance of enemies landing critical hits on allies.
  • Suggested Allies: TBD

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