Future Plans Notice

Dear Awakened,

We would like to thank everyone for supporting the game. Your trust and support are our motivation to continue to provide you with the best product possible. Due to the impact of the epidemic situation, the game has been experiencing more bugs and disruptions lately, in regards to the introduction of new gameplay modes and heroes. We sincerely apologize for that and we will pay more attention to your feedback by fixing bugs and continuing to strive to make ACE the best game it can be.

In addition, we highly value feedback and suggestions raised by our community. There are a few issues that have been discussed: the unbalance attributes of heroes (specifically light and dark Legendary units), the ratio of new Epic heroes vs Legendary, and the lack of playable content in the game.

To solve these problems, we will first continue to adjust and update the existing in-game system to bring you a better gameplay experience. Secondly, we will keep a balance between the gaming experience and the updated intensity. Like the aforementioned, there will be new content such as RTA/GVE/GVG/new dungeons/new bosses. We also plan to add more Epic units to the game to provide more diverse options for team compositions for every adventurer. Finally, we will continue to balance the current settings in Arena to help promote more competition as well as pay close attention to RTA in the future.

Again, we would like to thank you for your participation and enthusiasm for the game. ACE is happy to have you a part of our family and we look forward to growing with your love and support.

-ACE Dev Team

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