UPDATE 24/11/2021

[Performance] The setting interface has increased the choice of 30fps and 60fps under high image quality. Now you can select 30fps to reduce performance consumption.
[Gift Pack] Fixed a display error that would push out all product gift packages during daily reset. (unable to purchase)
[Download] The information downloaded in the background will now display the total amount of resources remaining to be downloaded.
[Account reset] Fixed the problem that some players clicked [data reset] and the game would freeze.
[Drop] Fixed the problem that the inscription information on the main line drop details interface was incorrectly displayed.
[Guild] Fixed the problem that the status of guild members and the data in the role information panel were inconsistent.
[Association] The upper limit of the number of applicants to the association has been increased at the same time.
[Guild] Fixed the problem that when applying for a guild, if the number of applicants for the target guild is full, it could not be prompted correctly.
[Combat] Optimized the position of some heroes and monsters’ health bar.
[Combat] Optimized the special effects of Balberith’s spinning sword.
[Combat] Optimized Siress’s skill performance.
[Interface] Fixed the error that the interface would lose resources during battle.
[Interface] Fixed wrong button styles in some interfaces.
[Announcement] Fixed a bug that would repeatedly display the content of the announcement.
[Other] Fixed some other interface display problems.
[Other] Fixed the display error of a loading background image.

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