Update 10/08/2022

Greetings, Adventurers! We’ve updated the game after the latest patch. Tell us how you like the new content!

We have fixed the currently existing issues and prepared a compensation gift as our way of expressing our gratitude for your patience. If you still encounter any issues listed below, please restart the game to apply the updates.

*Contents are under development and subject to change. Please refer to actual in-game information.

New Updates

  1. [Hero] Added 3 new Legendary Heroes: Kasim (Wood), Hayyim (Water), and Fianna (Wood).
  2. [Hero] Added 1 new Epic Hero: Orchi (wood).
  3. [Events] Advanced Summon Rate Up Event opens! The chance of summoning Kasim is increased by 3x in Advanced Summon for a limited time!
  4. [System] Added new gameplay: Chosen Faction Challenge.
  5. [Forge] Added 2 new gear sets, which its forging materials can be obtained from Chosen Faction Challenge.
  6. [Magic Pass] New Magic Pass will be available. The Legendary Hero of this Pass will be Godfery.
  7. [Hero] Optimized the rules of the Stacked View in the Heroes interface.
    Before: Only Lv.1 heroes with initial stats can be stacked.
    After: Heroes with the same level can also be stacked.
  8. [Animation] Now there is no need to wait for ultimate animations to be played 50 times to skip the ultimate animations, instead no animation will be played in Arena, Team Arena and Sky Dual any more.


  1. Fixed the configuration error of monsters in Chosen Faction Challenge.
  2. Improved water plants and ground effects of Hayyim.

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