Future Plans Talk

Hello, Adventurers, we have some news about future plans to Awaken Chaos Era game from Developers. Okay, let’s go and check it out.

So we have some discussion in Discord channel.

About auto-ascending for heroes to 4-5 stars and QoL: work on such changes will begin after the release of new content.
About auto-rotation of the screen: the developers are now so busy that they still haven’t found time for this.
On scoring points for arena defense victories: Borden hopes for changes, but not yet either due to GvE and other content in development.

About L&D heroes: again, there is hope for strengthening unused light and dark heroes. Abaddon will get a buff soon, he’s trash right now.

Well, in general, developers constantly receive feedback, but content is now a priority.

More about heroes and balance:

  • Gangelo is too strong.
  • Tia and Lightwing Zachary are too buffed after their change. Zachary is now one of the best choices in the arena in attack and defense.
  • For Zachary, an Assassin set is offered, for Darkened Nicklaus – a counterattack set (Divine).
  • The problem is not that Gangelo or Urion are so cool, but that the other damage dealers aren’t good enough.

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