Agustin guide



Detailed Stats

Health 5,137
Crit. Rate8%
Crit. Damage150%




Counterattacks with this character’s ultimate upon taking non-critical damage. Cooldown: 1 round.

Ascension Effects:

Counterattacks with this character’s ultimate upon taking non-critical damage. Cooldown: 1 round. Reduces Crit. Damage taken by 30%.

Shadow Slice


Deals 110% damage to 1 enemy and applies Unhealable to them for 2 turn(s).

Level 2:

Damage +10%.

Level 3:

Damage +10%.

Level 4:

Damage +10%.

Level 5:

Damage +10%.


Received healing effects are reduced by 100% (excludes Life Steal).

Eternal Twilight


Attacks deal +100% damage to Light targets and 50% splash damage to other enemies.

Level 2:

+5% damage, +5% splash damage.

Level 3:

+5% damage, +5% splash damage.

Level 4:

+10% damage, +10% splash damage.

Level 5:

Damage +10%.

Hunter’s Blade



Deals 200% damage to an enemy, removes a positive effect from the target, restores Health equal to 50% of damage dealt, and grants a 15% Defense Pierce effect (max 3 stacks).

Level 2:

Damage +20%.

Level 3:

Ability cooldown is reduced by 1 turn(s).

Level 4:

Damage +20%.

Level 5:

Damage +20%.

Recommended Sets

Revival Set

Restores 10% of Max Health at the start of the turn or 20% if under 50% Health. Can only be triggered 2 times per round.

Assassin Set

Attacks deals 15% more damage to the main target and have a 50% chance of dealing additional 35% damage.

Guard Set

Grants a shield with strength equal to 30% of Max Health for 3 turns at the start of battle. Bonuses from multiple Sets do not stack.



Arena (Offense)

Arena (Defense)

No Man's Land: Bane Wraith

No Man's Land: Flame Lizard

No Man's Land: Wrathful Flood

No Man's Land: Lord of Holy Light

No Man's Land: Shadow Captive

Arcane Dominator: Roaring tulpa

Arcane Dominator: Ash Magisteria

Arcane Dominator: Queen of Tides

Arcane Dominator: Witch of Wind

Arcane Dominator: Gemini Dragon

Armored Incursion (Wood)

Armored Incursion (Fire)

Armored Incursion (Water)

Armored Incursion (Light)


Agustin began his career with the rank and file soldiery of Lasir before transitioning quickly to a much more lucrative role in Valeria’s personal guard once the twisted High Priestess identified a fellow sense of ruthless ambition and Chaos affinity in the up-and-coming guardsman. He soon became the most loyal of her many dark- turned.

Henceforth, it was simply a matter of time before Valeria coaxed the headstrong youth into joining Soulplunder and to the learning of the dark magical arts at which he was surprisingly talented. Agustin quickly became one of her most important generals despite the growing paroxysms of madness that would seize Agustin whenever he delved into the wellspring of dark energy within his twisted psyche. Fellow soldiers have learned to approach Agustin at their peril.

Agustin has yet to realize his affinity for the Dark has come by more than pure chance. His mother unwisely ventured too close to the twisted ruins of an ancient battlefield brimming with Chaos energy. The fact its semi-sentient evil marked Agustin even then makes him a true “Child of Chaos” in more ways than one.

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