UPDATE 07/29/2020

Dear Commanders, We have patched up a few bugs based on your feedback. If you have reported or encountered any of these issues below, please restart your game and you can continue playing. As a token of our apology, we have emailed you some items for the compensation, so be sure to claim them before they expire.

Tips: if your game is stuck 0% at the loading page, please kindly try reinstalling your game and see if it helps.

  • Discord: https://discord.io/chaosmagic
  • Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/623374281619740/
  • Googleplay Download: https://bit.ly/2ZMGa1l
  • APK Download: https://bit.ly/3fTklTp

Bugs Fixed

  1. Equip stat bug fixed. The equip stat was disabled in Arena.
  2. Dungeon bug fixed. The amount of gold you earned was different from what was displayed in the game.
  3. William’s special skill bug fixed. William’s S3 wasn’t cleansing or applying the speed debuff.
  4. Chapter 5 Main Task bug fixed. The task “fight 1 time in Arena” has been corrected to “win 1 time in Arena”
  5. Valeria’s special skill description has been corrected.
  6. The wrong items were dropping from Adventure 2-7 & 2-9.
  7. Purchase limit bug fixed. The weekly and monthly item purchase limits now refreshed daily.
  8. Auto-battling bug fixed. After disabling auto-battle, hero attacks and skills would disappear.
  9. Chapter 6 weekly task bug fixed. Players were able to claim rewards by only completing the first task instead of all weekly tasks.
  10. 1Arena ranking reward issue fixed. Some players were unable to receive rank rewards. The rewards you earned were different from what is displayed in the game.
  11. Arena ranking bug fixed. Your ranking would only be refreshed when your Arena bonus score changed. No ranking data on the Arena ranking panel. After scrolling down the leaderboard in the Arena and then returning to the challenge interface, no responnce if you tapped on challenge.


  1. Optimized Valeria’s special skill.
    Before: Sacrifice 20% current health, attack all enemies, attack damage 120%, and maximizing the target’s skill cooldown.
    Now: Sacrifice 50% current health, attack all enemies, attack damage 120%, and cool down all skills of the target +2 rounds. This effect can be resisted.
  2. Added a rewards panel to display gift for joining our Discord.

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