UPDATE 03/02/2022

Game Update

[New Hero] New Wood Legendary support hero – Godfery
Check for more hero details by going to the Main Menu-> Index-> Sylvan Woodlands.
[Event] Advanced Summon Rate Up Event opens! Chance of summoning Godfery increases by 3x in Advanced Summon for a limited time!
Event Time: 2022-2-3 00:00(UTC-4) ~2022-2-10 00:00 (UTC-4)
Refer to actual in-game information for time and details.
[UI] Adjusted the UI in the Shop.


[Optimization] Fixed the resolution error of the background in certain interfaces when using tablet devices.
[Magic Pass] Fixed a bug where the game would freeze when purchasing the Pass after reaching the max level.
[Arena] Fixed an error in Battle History. Now newest battles will be shown at the top.
[Battle] Fixed the error of Brand not having an animation after being stunned.
[Battle] Fixed the bug where an Error message would show when Okubi was teamed with Desmond.
[Hero Synthesis] Fixed the bug where locking heroes would return you back to the tavern.
[Language] Fixed a translation error in Mognar’s ultimate ability in non-English languages.
[Language] Fixed several translation errors in the Endless Trials.

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