Garnet guide


FactionHoly Light Empire

Detailed Stats

Health 5,731
Crit. Rate8%
Crit. Damage150%




Grants 1 Rage upon the use of any allies’ special or ultimate ability following this character’s death. This character revives with 50% of Max Health and all ability cooldowns shortened by 1 turn(s) upon reaching 3 Rage.

Ascension Effects:

Grants 1 Rage upon the use of any allies’ special or ultimate ability following this character’s death. This character revives with 80% of Max Health and all ability cooldowns shortened by 2 turn(s) upon reaching 3 Rage.

Meteor Slam


Launches a strike dealing 120% damage to an enemy and which ricochets between enemies 2 times. Damage scales with this character’s Speed.

Level 2:

Damage +10%.

Level 3:

Damage +10%.

Curtain Of Heaven



Launches 3 strikes against random enemies, each dealing 100% damage that scales with this character’s Speed while removing 1 positive effect(s) or inflicting Defense Down for 2 turn(s) if without.

Level 2:

Damage +10%.

Level 3:

Ability cooldown is reduced by 1 turn(s).

Level 4:

Damage +10%.

Defense Down

-30% Defense.

Astral Doomsday



Deals 120% damage to all enemies that scales based on the difference between the target’s Speed and this character’s Speed. Inflicts No Positive Effects for 2 turn(s) on the target plus a 50% chance of Sleep for 1 turn(s).

Level 2:

Damage +10%.

Level 3:

Ability cooldown is reduced by 1 turn(s).

Level 4:

Damage +10%.

Level 5:

Ability cooldown is reduced by 1 turn(s).

No Positive Effects

This character will not be affected by any subsequent positive effects.


Unable to act. -100% Crit. Resistance when attacked. Removes Sleep.
[Control Effect]

Recommended Sets

Raider Set

+15 Speed.

Rebel Set

Attacks have a 20% chance to Stun the enemy for 1 turn.



Pair with Imogen to obtain more Rage for Garnet.

Crazed Urzag

Pair with Crazed Urzag to obtain more Rage for Garnet.


Pair with Rickard to increase the chance of triggering the Rickard Trait Ability.


Arena (Offense)

Arena (Defense)

No Man's Land: Bane Wraith

No Man's Land: Flame Lizard

No Man's Land: Wrathful Flood

No Man's Land: Lord of Holy Light

No Man's Land: Shadow Captive

Arcane Dominator: Roaring tulpa

Arcane Dominator: Ash Magisteria

Arcane Dominator: Queen of Tides

Arcane Dominator: Witch of Wind

Arcane Dominator: Gemini Dragon

Armored Incursion (Wood)

Armored Incursion (Fire)

Armored Incursion (Water)


Garnet spent most of her early days locked away within her adoptive parent’s estate due to the sickly disposition with which she had been cursed, with little else to do but study the piles of astrology scrolls and instruments littering her parents’ study due to their prestigious position as court astrologers. Garnet’s adoptive parents soon began to resent the needs of their sickly girl, a coldness soon reciprocated. The mother eventually gave birth to a son, Garnet’s “younger brother”, who thenceforth became the sole recipient of the entire household’s attention.

It was on a routine astrology consultation that Muriel, the wife of a local duke, spied out the seemingly-insignificant Garnet from the large banqueting hall, and was immediately struck by her quiet and mature disposition. She found herself rather astonished the girl had not been introduced, something about whom reminded Muriel of a child she had lost years ago. She could not help but approach Garnet and, warmly extending her hands, asked: “Would you like to come with me? I’ll take you to see more of the world than these four walls.” Garnet was no fool and knew her options at home were decidedly limited. She agreed and, oddly enough, departed with Muriel the same day on the condition she be allowed to bring her astrology implements. Muriel quickly realized Garnet had the ability to become someone truly extraordinary without her sickly physique, and thus went to great expense to commission a mechanical marvel from the hands of renowned dwarven forgemaster Harbeg Moltenfire which, with a little magical help, transformed Garnet’s body into a half-copper, half-magical contraption capable of protecting her from the dangers of the outside world.

Garnet’s adoptive parents never realized the true source of her sickness: tremendous magicks within Garnet’s body were simply too great for her human constitution to withstand, also explaining her aptitude for magical astrology. Muriel, delighted with her new “project”, drew upon her considerable resources to provide an excellent mage’s training with the benefit of Harbeg’s protective sheath. A strange symbiosis has since formed between Muriel and Garnet over the years. Garnet is happy enough to act as Muriel’s assassin on points of aristocratic business as long as she can spend the remainder of her time studying the stars.

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