Update 29/06/2022

Dear Adventurers!

We have fixed the currently existing issues and prepared a compensation gift as our way of expressing our gratitude for your patience. If you still encounter any issues listed below, please restart the game to apply the updates.

*Contents are under development and subject to change. Please refer to actual in-game information.

New Updates

  1. [System] New Gameplay: Team Arena
  2. [System] New Gameplay: Elemental Power
  3. [System] New Gameplay: Forge. New gear sets increased and can be crafted. The crafting materials can be obtained via some system gameplays.


  1. [Index] Fixed the problem that some hero tags were entered incorrectly in the search function.
  2. [Battle] Fixed an issue where the status icon was displayed incorrectly when getting multiple stacks of [Max Health up] in battles.
  3. [Battle] Fixed a bug where the [Shield] of and Dark Dragon Asrina was counted as 2.
  4. [Battle] Fixed a bug where would not respawn immediately in some cases.
  5. [Icon] Added an irreversible tooltip border to the [Bonus Attack] icon of Flarence.
  6. [Guild Boss] Fixed an issue where [Joint Attack] and [Bonus Attack] would cause incorrect energy acquisition in some cases.

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