UPDATE 23/02/2022

Game Updates

  1. [Void Tower] Rework of the Void Tower interface.
  2. [Hero Bio] Adjusted some of the Hero’s bios.
  3. [Multi-Battle in Void Tower] Now Multi-Battle option will be always available in Void Tower. Players will be able to multi-battle until the floor they cleared in the last Void Tower.
  4. [Limited Summon] Added the Limited Summon hero selection from February 28th to March 13th. Valeria, Mytheasia, and Lydia will be the select legendaries.
  5. [Roaring Tulpa] Decreased the HP and shield HP of Roaring Tulpa from stages 9 to 12.
  6. [Shop] Adjusted the interface of Shop and the grouping of some packs and items.
  7. [Battle] Optimized the visual effect of Godfery’s trait during battle.


  1. Fixed the bug of certain heroes belonging to incorrect factions in Dispatch.
  2. Fixed the visual effects bug of Sylan in Summoning UI.
  3. Fixed other graphics and text issues.

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