UPDATE 09/12/2021

Game Updates

[Arcane Dominator] Difficulty of Arcane Dominator has been adjusted as followed:

  1. The stats of all Bosses stage 9 or lower have been reduced.
  2. Reduced health of guards in stages 7-11 of the Arcane Dominator.

[Stamina] In order to improve your gaming experience, we have reduced the cost of Diamonds and made other adjustments.

  1. Reduced the cost of Stamina from 80 diamonds to 50 diamonds.
  2. Reduced the daily limit of Stamina refills in the Diamond Shop from 50 to 30.
  3. Reduced the Stamina exchanged from the Guild Shop and the Arena Shop to 20.
  4. Reduced the Stamina consumption in the Arcane Dominator.
  5. Increased the Stamina dropped in Arena.
  6. Removed the Stamina Pack in the Shop.

[Arcane Dungeon] The difficulty and output of Arcane Dungeon have been adjusted as followed:

  1. Reduced the Stage Difficulty of the World Challenge and the Friend Challenge.
  2. Increased the number of Stages and rewards of the World Challenge.
  3. Reduced the Stamina consumption of the World Challenge and Friend Challenge.
  4. Increased the number of rewards of the World Challenge.
  5. Removed the Stamina consumption of the Party of Three:

[Summon] Updated the display of the cumulative number of draws and probability of the Limited Summon.
[Stage] Optimized the battle mechanism of the Queen of Tides.
[Summon] The pity system of Limited Summon will now carry over to the next card pool cycle, and the number of card draws accumulated in the current cycle will also carry over to the next cycle for the minimum number of triggers.
[Gear] Removed the drop of Epic gear in Adventure: Mythic Mode. Reduced the difficulty of the Arcane Dominator.
[Ascension] Adjusted the Ascension Trait of some Light/Dark Legendary heroes. The Ascension time needed for the following heroes has been advanced from 5 to 2: Nicklaus, Imogen, Crazed Urzag, and Evelyn Firstdawn.
[Mail] Added a Star label for the system mail. Confirming is now required before deleting starred mail.
[Name] Increase the number of random names.
[Summon] Fixed a vague text description in Advanced Summon.

Optimization & Fixes

  • Optimized art resources and overall performance.
  • Fixed some other display issues.
  • Playback of Ultimate Ability effect now can be accelerated while playing.

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