UPDATE 03/30/2023

*Contents are under development and subject to change. Please refer to actual in-game information.

New Updates

  1. New event Tavern Crisis is arriving soon. Bring your strongest heroes to solve the crisis and win great rewards!
    Event period: 04/01 00:00 – 04/14 00:00 (UTC-4)
    Reward collection: 04/01 00:00 – 04/17 00:00 (UTC-4)

Blitz Mode in Adventure

  1. After completing an Adventure stage with 4 heroes and no deaths, you can use the Blitz feature to quickly get stage completion rewards.
  2. Double EXP: when Double EXP is activated, each Blitz will deduct 30s of the Double EXP duration and grant double EXP Jelly.
  3. Hero EXP bonus: as long as you own Hydrissea or Antinua, the EXP bonus will be automatically applied during Blitz (does not stack).

Hero Promotion & Level Up Adjustments

  1. Optimized the previous promotion mechanics. Now the 1-6 Star promotion only requires the new material Divine Essence and a certain amount of EXP Jelly, and no longer costs same-star heroes or Holy Pumpkins (Hero Advancement for Lv.60 to Lv.70 breakthrough is not affected).
    [2-Star —> 3-Star]
    Required materials: 2-Star Divine Essence ×2, EXP Jelly ×20K
    Max hero limit: Lv.20 —> Lv.30
    [3-Star —> 4-Star]
    Required materials: 3-Star Divine Essence ×3, EXP Jelly ×80K
    Max hero limit: Lv.30 —> Lv.40
    [4-Star —> 5-Star]
    Required materials: 4-Star Divine Essence ×4, EXP Jelly ×400K
    Max hero limit: Lv.40 —> Lv.50
    [5-Star —> 6-Star]
    Required materials: 5-Star Divine Essence ×5, EXP Jelly ×1000K
    Max hero limit: Lv.50 —> Lv.60
  2. Hero Level-Up EXP adjustments: total EXP Jelly required to level up a hero from Lv.1 to Lv.60 (including EXP Jelly cost during promotion) is reduced to 75% of the original, and the EXP Jelly required for each level is adjusted accordingly.
  3. Holy Pumpkins: each unused 2-Star/3-Star/4-Star/5-Star Holy Pumpkin will be converted into 1 same-star Divine Essence and 10K/30K/100K/200K extra EXP Jelly, respectively.
  4. Foody: each unused 2-Star/3-Star/4-Star/5-Star Foody will be converted into 1 same-star Divine Essence, EXP Jelly required to level up a hero from Lv.1 to Lv.40, and 10K/30K/100K/200K extra EXP Jelly, respectively.
  5. Enhanced Common and Rare heroes: enhanced Common and Rare heroes will have their levels and star ratings reset, and the EXP Jelly and Divine Essence consumed will be returned.
  6. Hero Banishment: The Hero Essence given when banishing Rare and Epic heroes, can now be used to purchase 2-Star Divine Essence and 3-Star Divine Essence in Hero Essence Shop, respectively.
  7. Temporary Shop: Lv.50 and above adventurers can purchase 2-Star/3-Star/4-Star/5-Star Divine Essence for 10K/30K/100K/200K EXP Jelly in the EXP Shop.
    The shop will remain open from 03/29 00:00 until 04/29 00:00 (UTC-4).

Other Adjustments

  1. Removed the discounted Meal Coupon in the Diamond Shop. Now you can directly purchase 120 Energy for 30 Diamonds the second time you purchase Energy every day.
  2. Activating the Gold Monthly Card now raises the max battle count of Multi-Battle to 30.
  3. Adjusted Bane Wraith’s ability in No Man’s Land. Each stack of Block now reduces the boss’ damage received by 5% (instead of blocking 1 instance of damage).
  4. Optimized new adventurers’ early game experience.
  5. Adjusted Evelyn’s abilities to make her better suited for the Adventure mode.
  6. Optimized various in-game scenes.

[Common Hero Banishment]

  1. Banishing Common Heroes now grants 1 Common Hero Essence, which can be used to purchase 2-Star Divine Essence and EXP Jelly in the Hero Essence Shop.

[Hero Essence Shop]

  1. Lowered the price of 2-Star Divine Essence from 5 Hero Essence to 2 Hero Essence. If you have purchased 2-Star Divine Essence before this update, the extra Hero Essence you spent will be returned to you within 24 hours after the update is complete.
  2. Added 2-Star Divine Essence and EXP Jelly that can be purchased using Common Hero Essence. You will need to reach Player Lv.30 to purchase 2-Star Divine Essence using Common Hero Essence.


  1. You are now guaranteed to receive the bonus dispatch reward once a dispatch’s success rate exceeds 100%.
  2. Bonus dispatch rewards:
  • Rare dispatch: 4,000 EXP Jelly
  • Elite dispatch: 2 to 3-Star Divine Essence
  • Epic dispatch: 2 to 4-Star Divine Essence
  • Legendary dispatch: 3 to 4-Star Divine Essence

[Divine Essence Synthesis]

  1. Added a Quick Synthesize option on the hero promotion screen for you to more conveniently synthesize higher-star Divine Essence.

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