Jocasta guide



Detailed Stats

Health 7,694
Crit. Rate6%
Crit. Damage150%




Leader Ability: All team members’ Defense is increased by 15%.

Attenuates all negative effects on teammates by 1 turn(s) at the start of the turn. Cooldown: 3 round(s).

Ascension Effects:

Attenuates all negative effects on teammates by 1 turn(s) at the start of the turn. Cooldown: 3 round(s). Each surviving ally grants this character +20% Defense.



Deals 120% damage to an enemy, plus True Damage equals to 8% of target’s Max Health (3% if against bosses). Restores 8% Max Health to a team member with the lowest Health.

Level 2:

Damage +10%.

Level 3:

Damage +10%.

Level 4:

Damage +10%.

Level 5:

Damage +10%.

Sand Benediction



Restores 35% of Max Health to a teammate and applies Immune to the target for 2 turn(s). Grants teamwide Defense Up for 2 turn(s).

Level 2:

Healing is increased.

Level 3:

Healing is increased.

Level 4:

Ability cooldown is reduced by 1 turn(s).

Level 5:

Healing is increased.


This character will not be affected by any subsequent negative effects.

Defense Up

+30% Defense.

Tomb Guardian



Removes 1 negative effect(s) from all team members. Applies Invincible to the target for 2 turn(s) and Heal Over Time for 3 turn(s). Invincible is removed upon taking a valid hit.

Level 2:

Ability cooldown is reduced by 1 turn(s).

Level 3:

Ability cooldown is reduced by 1 turn(s).

Level 4:

Ability cooldown is reduced by 1 turn(s).

Level 5:

Ability cooldown is reduced by 1 turn(s).


Immune to damage.

Heal Over Time

Restores this character’s Health at the start of the turn.

Recommended Sets

Raider Set

+15 Speed.

Guard Set

Grants a shield with strength equal to 30% of Max Health for 3 turns at the start of battle. Bonuses from multiple Sets do not stack.

Revival Set

Restores 10% of Max Health at the start of the turn or 20% if under 50% Health. Can only be triggered 2 times per round.



Arena (Offense)

Arena (Defense)

No Man's Land: Bane Wraith

No Man's Land: Flame Lizard

No Man's Land: Wrathful Flood

No Man's Land: Lord of Holy Light

No Man's Land: Shadow Captive

Arcane Dominator: Roaring tulpa

Arcane Dominator: Ash Magisteria

Arcane Dominator: Queen of Tides

Arcane Dominator: Witch of Wind

Arcane Dominator: Gemini Dragon

Armored Incursion (Wood)

Armored Incursion (Fire)

Armored Incursion (Water)

Armored Incursion (Light)


Jocasta opened her eyes in total darkness. Other senses, particularly her nose, still provided some information. She could hardly breathe for the stench of death and decay in this dark place. She next became aware of heavy vestments over her body, strangely reminiscent of those accompanying the ritual burial of criminals executed by the priesthood. How did she end up here?

“It had to be you, Jocasta… Believe me, I didn’t want this.” The memories came flooding back, first in pieces and then great fragments. A shadowy figure hovered in her mind’s eye. It was you, Sylan! You betrayed me! Jocasta’s wand was still nearby. She took it and, with a twitch, smashed a hole through the mausoleum entombing her for a millennia.

Jocasta angrily retraced her steps on that fateful evening before the Proving and selection of a new High Priestess. She had been the lead contender – yes! Most gifted alongside Sylan in the arts of dune magic. A surprise note from Sylan had come late in the evening for an impromptu meeting by the mausoleum. Jocasta had naively expected a discussion about the order of service.

A powerful imprisonment spell had disabled her en route to the mausoleum, the complex enchantment seeming more like an ancient mechanism rather than a recently-prepared weave. That was when she heard Sylan’s voice: “I have no real interest in becoming High Priestess, Jocasta, and take no pleasure in this. But I do have an interest in not being buried alive. Do you know how they make sure the High Priestess in each generation remains secure? Our contenders are executed by burial…” Sylan levitated Jocasta’s body down into the sand, her voice growing less distinct as Jocasta’s thoughts faded further and further from consciousness…

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