Epena guide


FactionTitan Icelands

Detailed Stats

Health 4,766
Crit. Rate8%
Crit. Damage150%


Grizzly Rage


Attacks ignores 10% (up to 40%) of enemy Defense per negative effect on the target.

Ascension Effects:

Attacks ignores 20% (up to 80%) of enemy Defense per negative effect on the target.

Savage Blade


Deals 80% damage to one enemy and applies Random Stats Down for 2 turn(s).

Level 2:

Damage +10%.

Level 3:

Damage +10%.

Level 4:

Damage +10%.

Random Stats Down

Applies a random negative effect to reduce one of the following stats: Defense, Attack, Speed, Crit. Rate, Crit. Damage, Focus, or Resistance.

Law of the Jungle



Deals 120% damage to an enemy and duplicates all of their negative effects onto one enemy. Restores 30% Max Health.

Level 2:

Damage +10%.

Level 3:

Damage +10%.

Barbarous Intimidation



Deals 150% damage to an enemy and applies No Positive Effects for 2 turn(s). Damage increases by 50% against enemies under 4 or more negative effects.

Level 2:

Damage +10%.

Level 3:

Damage +10%.

Level 4:

Damage +10%.

Level 5:

Ability cooldown is reduced by 1 turn(s).

No Positive Effects

This character will not be affected by any subsequent positive effects.

Recommended Sets

Cursed Set

After attacking, there is a 35% chance to launch a
bonus attack using this character’s basic ability.
Can be triggered once per turn.



Arena (Offense)

Arena (Defense)

No Man's Land: Bane Wraith

No Man's Land: Flame Lizard

No Man's Land: Wrathful Flood

No Man's Land: Lord of Holy Light

No Man's Land: Shadow Captive

Arcane Dominator: Roaring tulpa

Arcane Dominator: Ash Magisteria

Arcane Dominator: Queen of Tides

Arcane Dominator: Witch of Wind

Arcane Dominator: Gemini Dragon

Armored Incursion (Wood)

Armored Incursion (Fire)

Armored Incursion (Water)


Epena joined the Snow Savages in a fashion all-too-common in these turbulent times – as an orphan brought up in the ways of the wild from the days of her youth, skills in which she quickly excelled alongside fellow orphan and childhood sweetheart, Elson.

Epena’s hunting expertise may have delivered quite a few catches over the years, but she certainly hasn’t made life easy for her elders, whom she delights in undermining and mischievously pranking whenever the opportunity affords itself with the exception of Aurea, the Tribe’s most fearsome warrior due to her overly-strong malformed hand cursed after a Lizardman engagement. The enemies of the Snow Savages underestimate the fur-covered youthful Epena at their peril as she has proved on numerous occasions with her mixture of long and short-ranged devilry.

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