UPDATE 12/07/2022

December 7, 2022

*Contents are under development and subject to change. Please refer to actual in-game information.

New Updates

  1. [Heroes] Added 2 Legendary heroes: Ashlynn (Wood) and Fendrich (Wood).
    Added 1 Epic hero: Hitoshi (Wood).
  2. [Summon] Added a special summon event for Ashlynn.
    Legendary heroes summoned in this event has a 50% chance to be Ashlynn. If the Legendary hero summoned is not Ashlynn, the next Legendary hero summoned is guaranteed to be Ashlynn. For detailed drop rates, please refer to the event details in game.
  3. [Limited Summon] A new round of Limited Summon is available from 12/08 00:00 through 12/22 00:00 (UTC-4).
    Legendary heroes featured this round: Fendrich (Wood), Balberith (Fire), Lyerly (Water), and all Light and Dark Legendary heroes.
  4. [Event] Challenge event: Sylvan’s Battle Hymn begins!
    Event period: 12/08 00:00 – 12/16 00:00 (UTC-4).
  5. [Rookie Quests] Changed the hero reward in 7-Day Rookie Quests from Zatlux to Hitoshi.
  6. [Magic Pass] A new Magic Pass will be available soon!
    Event period: 12/12/2022 00:00 – 01/11/2023 00:00 (UTC-4).
  7. [Team Arena] Team Arena S4 is beginning soon!
    Season period: 12/19/2022 00:00 – 02/12/2023 00:00 (UTC-4).
  8. [Dragon Cup Rally] Added an exclusive Dragon Cup Rally event for new adventurers. New adventurers need to complete this event before they can join the regular events.

Hero & Battle Adjustments

  1. Max Health Reduction effects are now effective against regular Bosses (excluding Guild, Ruins of Gods, and specific event Bosses).
  2. Fixed an error in the description of Adoette’s Trait ability.
  3. Adjusted the [Lightning Strike] Rune Mark in Void Tower (Mythic) to “Immune to Poison effects”.

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